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Happy Valentines Day from ResumeBear

Happy Valentines Day from ResumeBear

Happy Valentine’s Day from the ResumeBear team! Good luck in your job search or career advancement. Work hard and remember the Bear always loves you!

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  1. HI Bob! belated happy valentines. Have a great week end keep the good work. Thanks!
    Ynna recently posted..Happy New Year To All Of You And Hope You Like The Aquarium Fish Photos Here …

  2. HI ResumeBear, great work that you do!

  3. Happy Valentines Day Bob and ResumeBear. Keep up the positive, important message and unmatched inspiration. Hope evening was fantastic!

  4. Happy Valentine’s Day – you’re awesome!
    Kim Thomas recently posted..Try Heart-healthy Nature’s Logic Food for Your Cat or Dog

  5. Hey Bob, hope you’ve had a great Valentine’s Day! Came over from EAv – You own 600 in me, so you’re almost at the magic 700 number…

    Have a great day!
    Jason recently posted..Celebrate Valentine’s Day With Our New Valentine’s Day Country Love Songs Video Wall

  6. Bob – to find out-quickly – who you are invested in and to what extent, you need to use some simple tools:
    check out the community mast head postings for guidance on tools:

    Cheers John

  7. Happy Valentine’s Day to you, too!
    Ian Spiers recently posted..Q: What If A Photographer Plays Music?

  8. Happy Hearts Day everyone and may you have an inspired week…
    raenze recently posted..Guest houses Paignton

  9. Thank you ResumeBear, love and hugs for all you do!

  10. All the best Bob!!

  11. Happy Valentines Day, my friend.

  12. Happy valentines Day to all of you.

  13. Thank you, happy valentines day.

  14. Carlo/Carlo At Your Service Productions

    Happy Valentine’s Day, sugar bear! – Your EAV friend, – Carlo of (e)CAYSP

  15. Happy Valentines Day

    Spread the Love!!

  16. Happy Valentines Day, Bob!
    Emmanuel Gonot recently posted..Facebook Crowd Wisdom: Bourne Legacy Movie

  17. Happy Valentine Day Bob!

  18. Happy Valentine’s Day!

  19. Happy Valentine’s Day!

  20. Happy Valentine’s Day. Here’s wishing you lots of fun today.

  21. Happy Valentines Day!
    Kim Clune recently posted..Porcupine Situation Gets Sticky

  22. Thanks Bob, Happy Valentines! :)

  23. Hi Bob,

    Thanks for the mission. Happy Valentine’s Day. You currently don’t have 700 of me (e)HairBoutique. I would buy more of you but I have maxed out what I am allowed to own. Hope you also have a great week.
    Karen Marie Shelton recently posted..Jim Carrey Finally Appears on Inside Actors Studio 17 Years After First Invitation

  24. awwww, thanks RB

  25. Love you too Bear!

  26. Happy Valentine to you to!

  27. Happy Valentine’s Day, Bob!

  28. Happy Valentine’s !!

  29. Happy Valentine’s Day Bob x :)

  30. great pick

  31. Thank you for the Valentine wishes! Hope yours is a pleasure!

  32. Happy Valentine’s Day!

  33. Thanks Bob! Happy Valentines Day :)

  34. And a very happy Valentine’s Day to all of you!
    Laura Sykes recently posted..But now abideth faith, hope, love, these three…

  35. Don’t forget Happy St Cyril and Methodius day!

    Often overshadowed by Valentine, buried in Dublin, Ireland – St Val gets all the Headlines and Hallmark – but the two brothers put a ding in the universe by creating Cyrillic – creating the elements of a written language from the Danube to the Pacific coast of Siberia….

  36. Happy Valentine’s Day Mr. Warren

  37. Happy Valentine’s Day Bob and for all you do every day of the year.

  38. And a Happy Valentine’s Day to you, too, Bear! Altho I’ve always struggled to understand how a dude who was both celibate and beheaded by Emperor Claudius (yep, Mr. “I, Claudius” himself) turned out to be the avatar of romantic love. Talk about out-of-round branding!
    Mighty Casey recently posted..FDA paranoia – who knew?

  39. Thanks for the content. Happy Valentine’s Day.

  40. Have a very Happy Valentine’s Day filled with love and laughter.
    Wayne Hurlbert recently posted..Abundance:: The Future is Better Than You Think by Peter H. Diamandis & Steven Kotler – Book review

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