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20 Things Job Seekers Should Never Tweet About

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According to recent statistics, Twitter’s 100 million users have collectively sent over 16 billion tweets since Twitter was launched in 2006.  Earlier this year, Facebook reached over 400 million active users. Facebook has more members than the populations of Japan, Mexico and Russia, combined. Given these numbers, it’s not surprising that nearly two-thirds (64%) of online Americans use social media, ... Read More »

The Marvelous Military Makeover

Career Comeback by Lisa Johnson Mandell

By Guest Author – Lisa Johnson Mandell   You can insist all you want that looks shouldn’t matter — it’s your skills and abilities that will get you the job, but that won’t change the fact that your appearance is a huge factor in the desire to hire. You’ve heard the expression “if looks could kill”? Well, the wrong look ... Read More »

Improving Your Job Search Through Social Networking

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With every generation, the methods of networking change. In light of the booming technological age, social networking websites like Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn and Twitter have become as common a means of communication as cell phones and email.   Social networking sites, particularly the current world-wide phenomenons Facebook and Twitter, have streamlined ways to find old friends, communicate through email and instant messaging, ... Read More »

9 Steps to Getting that Job

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If you’re actively job hunting, you’ve probably discovered that there are jobs out there. However, because you have so much competition, you also may be finding it difficult to generate a response from your efforts. If you’ve been focused on submitting your resume to job openings found on job boards, job search engines, Craigs List and in local newspapers, but ... Read More »

30 Ways to Lose a Job on Twitter

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If you are searching for a job or applying to a college or even just hoping to keep the job you have you should be very careful what you say and post online. Four out of five recruiters regularly run web searches to screen job applicants. Potential employers and colleges may find your online profile and make judgment calls based on what they discover. With all of the innovative websites popping up it's getting easier than ever to screen students and candidates online. Read More »

Relationships Matter – Using LinkedIn to Move Your Resume to the Top of the Pile

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The internet has made it possible to network in ways that our fathers could not have imagined in their wildest dreams. The advent of business and social networking sites enables the average person to connect to people worldwide who have similar interests and experience. Read More »

Be Professional! Or, "Why Didn't That Recruiter Call Back?"

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Keep in mind that to prospective employers every contact is like a mini-interview and can make or break your chances with them. Here are some tips for presenting yourself well during every interaction. Read More »

Get A New Job After Being Laid Off With Smart Moves And Resume Services

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Having a layoff notice handed to you is devastating. It isn't that you did a bad job or wanted to move on simply that the company can no longer afford to keep you. This is happening more frequently as the economy continues to decline. Read More »