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To Pin or Not to Pin

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To pin or not to pin?” is a common question for companies today given the rapid growth of Pinterest, a social networking site where users collect and share photos of their favorite interests and hobbies. Despite the virtual pinboard’s increasing popularity, however, a new survey by The Creative Group shows few organizations are ready to dive in just yet. Forty-four ... Read More »

Finding Social Media Jobs is Easy


Social networking sites not only help people to keep in touch but they also make job searches much easier. If you have the right skills and know how to network with the right people, you will be able to land your dream job quickly.   Thanks to the unlimited opportunities to connect with anyone and everyone through Social Media, finding ... Read More »

Many Colleges and Universities Have Jumped on Pinterest


Just about everyone and their mother is on Pinterest these days, and we can’t blame them: it is a really cool resource for finding the very best ideas, inspiration, and all around neat stuff. Colleges and college students are joining in on the fun, too. Many colleges and universities have jumped on Pinterest to create their own boards for prospective ... Read More »

ResumeBear: Companies “Rocking” Pinterest


Pinterest is a great place to collect images and links to ideas you love, products that rock, and just about anything else under the sun. While most users of the site are still individuals, brands and big businesses have taken note of the major traffic the social media site has been seeing in recent months, and many have begun creating ... Read More »

Questions For Your Social Media Expert, Wizard or Guru

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By Sean R. Nicholson Finding a social media professional to help you with your online activities can sometimes be a tough process. There are plenty of “experts”, “gurus” and “wizards” out there and many of them don’t have the experience you need. Hopefully, these 1o questions can help you in the process of finding someone who really understands your business ... Read More »

Pinterest is Bridging The Gap Between Social Media’s Emotional,Commercial Crossover

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This is a great week for reflection on what makes people take action.  Valentine’s Day is a perfect example showing distinct sides of emotion and commercialism. Interestingly enough, social media is very similar.  There are literally hundreds of active social media sites and every one of them falls into the category of emotional, commercial or in some rare cases you ... Read More »

Pinterest and Job Seeking Learn More

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The social networking website Pinterest seems to be all anyone can talk about these days.. This “virtual pin board” allows users to create pin boards on any topic they want and pin things they find interesting onto those boards. Users can browse pinboards created by other users, re-pin their images or follow them to see all of their pins. Naturally, we ... Read More »