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Happy Holidays, Season Greetings and Most of ALL…Merry Christmas!

Happy Holidays, Season Greetings and Most of ALL…Merry Christmas!

In recent years there has been a lot of chatter about the “War on Christmas”. People (mostly on the far right of the political spectrum) are ranting about businesses and governments not saying “Merry Christmas”

Well honestly, what is wrong with “Happy Holidays” and “Season’s Greetings”? Both phrases have been considered acceptable greetings for this time of year for decades if not centuries. So why is there all the fuss now?

Even if we ignore the fact that many of the symbols and behaviors that western cultures associate with Christmas have their roots in pagan tradition (i.e. carolling, decorating trees, mistletoe, holly, wreaths, and Yule logs), it seems to me that some people go through life looking for reasons to be offended.

Ironically, the very people who are complaining about the perceived attack on Christmas are doing more damage to the holiday than anyone else. Christmas is supposed to be a time of peace, love, and goodwill towards others. To walk around like Scrooge complaining about someone’s choice of words doesn’t sound very Christmas-like to me.

So Let’s ALL Have a Very Merry Christmas!

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