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Finding Social Media Jobs is Easy

Finding Social Media Jobs is Easy

Social networking sites not only help people to keep in touch but they also make job searches much easier. If you have the right skills and know how to network with the right people, you will be able to land your dream job quickly.   Thanks to the unlimited opportunities to connect with anyone and everyone through Social Media, finding social media jobs is not hard!   You just need to cease being boring,  get creative and stand out!

Below is an awesome infographic by MindFlash which shows how you can find social media jobs, how much you could possibly be making and what skills are required to land the job.   Create your resume free using ResumeBear’s online resume builder in minutes!

3 Ways to Land a Job in Social Media

1. Don’t be afraid to get creative

There are thousands of applicants everyday wanting to land their dream job. The competition is fierce.  Aside from having the required skills, you need to stand out.  Think outside the box!  Remember, there is an opportunity with every connection you make.  Make an effort to connect with one new person a day.

2. Network like crazy

Damien Cummings provided some really good tips on how to start a career in digital marketing and it includes networking like crazy. You need to position yourself to be found so you don’t have to look around. Be a thought leader and be consistent in providing value to those you want to work with.

3. Find jobs on Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter

There are many groups where job postings are shared by its members. You can find them on LinkedIn, Facebook and even Twitter. Below are some links which will help you get started:

1. Facebook: Social Media Jobs

With over 2,000 members (mostly hiring managers or someone connected with them) sharing a variety of interesting opportunities if you are seeking a career in social media.

2. Twitter: Sue on the Web

Sue has regular updates on community manager positions and other social media jobs.  Sue is a fantastic resource for anyone seeking a social media job.

There are various social media and community management job opportunities out there, fine tune your skills, network with the right people and don’t be afraid to let your creativity shine!

Do you have tips on how to get hired or know of any social media job vacancies? Feel free to share them with us via comments below!

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  1. I want to finds a social media Jobs .

  2. Sorry, but you lost me at, “If you have the right skills and know how to network with the right people, you will be able to land your dream job quickly.”

    IMO – This misleads the reader.

  3. Great Article! Love the 5 minute guide, now if implementing it could take 5 minutes everyone would actually be the social media expert they claim they are. Takes a lot of work, but if you love what you do its no longer work anyways =)

  4. Amazing post. Its very useful to all of them who likes to earn more. Its more informative to all. thanks & Regards for sharing with us.

  5. … of course now HR depts are all wanting to peek at your S&M sites I meant SM sites!

  6. This is a great article / infographic. I agree with MOST of it. I’m not a fan of encouraging people to work for free…


  7. How realistic is it to do some of these jobs remotely? For example, if I’m in Calgary, Alberta, how likely would it be to become a social media manager for a company like Coca-Cola that is headquartered in Atlanta? I’m just wondering on this point as while I can see how some of the work isn’t face to face, I’d imagine building the trust could require some face time in one form or another.


  8. This is a ton of great info and a great info-graphic as well! I agree that networking an being genuine will help you rise above all th noise!

  9. Lots of great information in this article

  10. I find a lot of truth in this and I will also add from my own personal experience within the last 6-months I have had many people/companies contact me with business opportunities related to me business. So it works for jobs and business opportunities as well.

  11. I have actually done used google+ to find a a few jobs.Social Networking is the best way to get to the people you want to talk to. Works best for me in the tech world because most of my employers are tech fanatics and embrace the importance of social networks. But its like the real world. If you want that job, network your way to the boss.

  12. Jyoti Prakash Haldar

    Thank you Bob for the very detailed description!

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