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Job Seekers: Don’t Let Rejection Get You Down

Job Seekers: Don’t Let Rejection Get You Down

Job hunting can be a pretty a grueling process. You can wade through application form after application form; finally get a call to an interview only to be turned down. Rejection is hard to deal with, it can be pretty difficult to pick yourself up again and continue the hunt. From the Graduate Recruitment Bureau, here are 5 things to keep in mind when dealing with rejection.

Don’t make it a personal thing

If you’re rejected it can feel like a personal attack on your abilities and it’s easy to beat yourself up trying to work out what is wrong with you. Don’t take rejection like this – you don’t know why they turned you down and chances are it’s not because of a major personality flaw you may or may not have. Each interview you go to is good practice, the more you end up going to the better you will get at them and the less nerve wracking they will become. It’s always a good idea to ask for feedback after being turned down at interview. This will give you an idea of where you went wrong and where you can improve at the next interview. Each interview is valuable piece of experience.

You’ve got to live and learn

Often when you do something for the first time or first few times, you’re not very good at it. No one would ask you to put on a one-man show of Swan Lake if you’ve just started learning ballet. People need practice and need to make mistakes in order to learn. When you’ve got your feedback, you know where you went wrong and you can make sure it doesn’t happen again. You can then continue with your search in the knowledge that you’re a little bit better than you were. Then when the next interview comes along you’ll be that bit more prepared.

Don’t let it get you down

The worst thing you can do after being turned down is develop a negative attitude towards yourself, your interviewer, job hunting and anything/one else that may come your way. If you approach job hunting and interviews with a negative attitude it’s going to make it even harder. It may even come across in your interview which will only end badly for you. Approach each interview with a positive mind set, if you don’t believe you can get the job then why on earth would anyone else?

Be realistic

On the flip-side of this, don’t be overconfident. You may have gone into an interview absolutely 100% sure you were going to get the job and now you’ve been rejected you can’t work out why. Being confident is key but never assume that a job is going to be yours. You’ll be up against lots of other people, one of whom could be better than you. If you go into an interview with a realistic attitude, aware that competition will probably be fierce, then rejection won’t be such a shock.

Don’t give up

If you keep getting turned down it can be easy to declare you are giving up on trying to find a job at all and are going to live in a commune in Mongolia where money holds no value. Before making any rash decisions about alternative lifestyles, remember why you are doing what you’re doing. One day someone will actually give you a job so just keep going. Giving up isn’t really an option, keep searching for jobs and going to interviews and eventually you will get there.

By Frankie Pocock, Online Researcher at The Graduate Recruitment Bureau

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