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Is My Resume Ready for a Real Estate Job?

Is My Resume Ready for a Real Estate Job?

So you want to work in real estate. But how do you get from here to there? One thing you’re sure to need is a professional resume.

If you’re not sure exactly how your resume should look to help you break into the real estate industry, here are some tips to help you revamp it and impress potential employers.


Keep it simple. The most important thing is that your resume is clear and easy to read.

There’s no need to use fancy fonts or add images and other design elements that will distract attention from what your resume actually <i>says</i>. Use wide margins and line spacing to give your resume room to breathe, and draw attention to important information with bold font or bullet points.

Qualifications and Training

The qualifications that enhance your job prospects will depend on exactly what career you’re aiming for within real estate. Is your ambition to become an independent real estate agent, a buyer’s agent, a contracts specialist, a title companies researcher or something else?

Real estate brokers and sales agents in the U.S. have to be state licensed and the exact requirements vary from state to state. First, aspiring agents have to go through the state’s training program and pass a written exam.

A bachelor’s degree isn’t required, but it may help to get you your first job. When you mention school or college qualifications, include your GPA where it’s relevant to give employers a better indication of your academic achievements.

Experience and Skills

As in, do you have any?

Mention anything that shows you understand the business of real estate and that shows your suitability for the type of role you want.

Don’t forget to include information about relevant software experience, too. If you know how to use databases and CRM tools, that could be the deciding factor in getting you your first real estate job.

You might already have thought of doing an internship at an agency to gain experience.

This can be a great way into the industry, but be wary of committing all your time to a job that doesn’t pay, and don’t get stuck making coffee–internships are intended to teach you about the business. Some employers view internship as the norm, while others may wonder why you’re delaying the real start of your career.

Be Realistic

The real estate industry is flooded with newbies and willing interns right now, so don’t expect this to be too easy. The National Association of Realtors has more than a million members, and every real estate professional group in the country seems to be growing fast.

Fine-tune your resume and use a tailored cover letter each time you send it out to give yourself the best chance of success.

The more enquiries you make, the sooner you’ll find your first employer in real estate.


About the Author: Sophie Lizard is a freelance blogger on business and career topics, among which include title companies.

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