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5 Reasons My Resume Needs Several Sets of Eyes for Review

5 Reasons My Resume Needs Several Sets of Eyes for Review

Creating a resume is hard work. However, it can be one of the best investments of your life.

It’s certainly worth taking the time and effort to have people read over your resume to ensure you are avoiding some of the most common resume mistakes.

1. Typos

One careless misspelling can make a potential employer toss your resume in the trash without a second glance.

It can be difficult to objectively proofread your own resume. Your eyes are likely to get blurry if you read it too many times and it’s easy to skip over a few words.

Don’t rely on spellcheck alone as an editor. Instead, have several people read and review your resume for grammar and spelling errors.

2. Hard to Read Format

It can be difficult to determine how many bold words, headings, bulleted lists and italics to include on a resume. Therefore, it is essential that you ask for honest feedback from others on the format to ensure your resume is easily readable.

Give your resume to people to review in the same format that your potential employer will read it.

If you’re emailing your resume, email it to people so they can see how it will appear on a screen. If you’re mailing a hard copy, print out copies so people can see how it will look on paper.

3. Irrelevant Experience

Potential employers likely don’t need to know your high school GPA from 20 years ago or information on your first job. Instead, they just need information that will help them decide if you’re a good candidate for the position.

Resumes should be short and sweet which makes deciding which information most deserves to be included difficult. Gain advice from others about how to decide what to include so you highlight the experiences that matter most.

Ask others to help ensure you are including the most important, most relevant and most interesting material. Also, ask for advice on any information that can be deleted.

4. Boring Verbs

When someone reads your resume they should have a really good idea about your past experiences and what you can offer their company.

If you use generic, boring verbs like “assisted,” “managed,” or “provided,” it won’t really help readers get a clear picture about your job.

Ask readers for their understanding of your duties. If they have trouble explaining what you have done at various positions, it’s likely your action verbs need some help.

Ask for assistance finding action verbs that will really give the potential employer detail about your job experiences.

5. Generic Content

Often, people send the same resume to every employer. Handing out a generic resume won’t work for most positions.

Instead, you need to include content that shows you have a good understanding of the position you’re applying for. It should show off the skills relevant to that position.

Ask readers for help really customizing your resume to the position. It is much more likely to grab the attention of potential employers if you’ve highlighted the reasons why you’re a good match for that specific position.

It’s essential to have several people read over your resume to help you avoid some of the most common resume mistakes that will ruin your chances of obtaining an interview.


About the Author: Amy Morin writes about parenting, careers, and successful business people such as Steve Wynn

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