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10 of the Worst Video Resumes and What Makes Them Ineffective

10 of the Worst Video Resumes and What Makes Them Ineffective

In today’s rapidly advancing technology-driven world, paper is becoming obsolete in almost every aspect of business. With the aid of video giants such as YoutTube, this phenomenon has begun spreading to resumes. Video resumes are an excellent way to demonstrate your personality, professionalism and creativity to your prospective employer. It is a delicate line to walk, as you want to maintain your serious, professional attitude while at the same time giving the viewer a personal glimpse at you. Needless to say, many people get the idea wrong and create ineffective, outrageous, sometimes quite boring video resumes. Here are 10 examples of the worst video resumes, and what makes them so terrible.


This video resume, ostensibly supposed to show the man’s more humorous and unconventional side, succeeds only in portraying him as immature and unprofessional. Mr. Merhi divulges unnecessary facts about himself, such as his enjoyment of candlelit dinners and kung fu. The man further attempts to humor the viewer by drinking beer, falling asleep and playing video games. The video itself is somewhat humorous, especially when he makes a “limited time offer” to work for free, however any serious employer would likely chuckle before promptly moving on to the next resume.


Taking a similar approach to the first video resume on this list, the young man in this video explains that he just came to the realization that everything costs money, and that he has bills to pay and gas to buy, therefore he needs a job. The video begins with him randomly singing along to a song before launching into his proposal. The man then goes into a list of skills he’s supposed to have, but films himself failing at performing them. Typing on a computer that’s off, yelling at imaginary office employees, and saying he “doesn’t do” such menial tasks as washing dishes, the man falls short at his attempt to come off as unique and individualistic. There’s no shame in adding a little bit of yourself to your video resume, but keep it professional and relevant!


Here is an example of someone not putting enough of themselves into their video resume. This young lady maintains a static tone and flat, somewhat disinterested affect throughout her entire two and a half minute resume. This is likely an attempt to appear professional and avoid looking too zany (as was the case with the two we have already seen), however one cannot help but become bored after watching the first minute of her video. Your video resume should portray you as interesting and enthusiastic about the position.


This video resume might have been good, had it not been filmed in such a cavernous location! The echo is so terrible that the viewer can hardy make out what she is saying. To make matters worse, she is selling her skills as a “Speech and Oral Communications” professional. This is simply horrendous advertising! If you were putting out a resume for yourself as a professional driver, you wouldn’t show video footage of you crashing cars. However, that is exactly the effect this video resume has. Always keep in mind what position you are applying for, and make sure your video resume is consistent with it. A communications and speech professional who films a video with such terrible audio that no one can understand her is doing this whole thing wrong!


This video resume breaks a major rule of video resumes. It is extremely long! Nearly nine minutes in length, its duration alone will be turn off for many employers. Another problem with this particular video is that she spends a considerable amount of time (three entire minutes, actually) talking about her personal life, her family, what she likes to read, and the things she decorates her house with. These kinds of details are unnecessary at best and a waste of time at worst. Given the amount of time she spends on them in this video, it might qualify for the latter. By the end of the video, many people are left wondering why they spent so much time watching it!


There are a few problems with this woman’s video resume. For starters, she is clearly reading off cue cards behind the camera. This causes her to constantly break eye contact and appear unsure of what to say next. Because she is reading off these cards, she tends to stumble across some words and not know when to finish certain sentences. Another problem is that she lists totally ridiculous tasks as things she is willing to do on set. For example, she says her degree prepared her to “defrost chicken with a hair dryer, leaving the set to put quarters in people’s car, picking up animal droppings,” and most egregious of all, “sitting around and doing nothing until someone yells at me.”


This woman chose to sing her resume to the viewer as a spoof of a Miley Cyrus song. A ludicrous idea, the viewer feels slightly awkward as they watch this woman dance around singing about her work experience and skill set. Perhaps worst of all, you have to read the subtitles to understand what she is singing, because you can still hear Miley’s original lyrics in the background clashing with her own! The video is cute, but mostly ineffective in the real world job market.


This man created a short video introduction about himself. This is a good idea, however this particular individual chose to admit that he got fired from his last job for tax evasion. He also chooses to say that he was “really popular” in college and “got laid a lot!” Completely inappropriate for any resume, the man comes off a creep and a criminal in his video resume.


This person, applying for the position of art teacher, makes an attempt at a video resume that fails. Several errors are made, chief among them the very weak and unsure explanation of why art is important. He stumbles rather clumsily through said explanation and continues on through a very bland resume. Another mistake is made in the actual filming of the video. The man is supposed to be skilled in art and explaining why he is fit to be a teacher. So why does he use a boring bed sheet for a backdrop, and present no examples of his supposedly “inspired” works? The point of a video resume is to add charisma and visual aids that cannot be expressed on paper. This video does none of those things.


Finally, this video resume is one more example of a man failing at an attempt at a funny, creative video resume. The man is applying for the prestigious and competitive position of video game scriptwriter at Sony, yet his video resume features him rocking out on broomstick guitar and dressing as an emotional masked romantic. His skills are described as “energetic, romantic, creative and well-read.” Not once does he speak of any actual work experience, schooling or any professional training that may set him apart from other applicants. The funny video resume can be achieved with skill and reserve; this example has neither.

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