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Get Your Foot in the Door and Get Back to Work

Get Your Foot in the Door and Get Back to Work

With the increasing popularity of hiring a more cost-effective workforce of “just in time” employees, companies of every size are not the only ones that are benefiting by temporary employment. Job seekers can gain several advantages over traditional work search approaches through temp work. For example, working as a temp can improve and update job references and business contacts because there is often access to managers or executives during work assignments that may be impressed enough to provide a referral. In fact, company insiders may be impressed to the point that they present a job offer. Temp work can be a job audition.

Author, Cathy A. Reilly says, “Frequently, job seekers can limit themselves by an ‘all or nothing’ perspective in looking only for conventional, full-time permanent work. They either don’t know about temporary employment or don’t explore it because of misconceptions. A staffing service works as a job matchmaker/job advocate for temps and can get them back in the employment game and off the sidelines inside many extraordinary companies. Knowing how to maximize the temp experience can often lead to opportunities.”

Of course the most obvious reason to become a temp is to earn an income, however, there are other valid reasons why people temp.

Reasons People Temp

  • New Opportunities or a change of pace
  • Testing the waters with a new company or field of interest
  • Networking opportunities or greener pastures
  • Increased work flexibility (especially for new mothers, retirees, students)
  • Help supplement current income level
  • Gain additional or necessary experience
  • Brush up on skills before applying for permanent work
  • Enrich a resume
  • Avoid work gaps on a resume, especially large ones
  • Supplement the gaps in between jobs
  • See how other companies operate
  • Gain a possible way to a permanent position
  • Get a foot in the door of your dream employer (especially for college students and grads)
  • Returning to the workforce

Temporary positions are not available just for the asking and there is increasing competition. Temp hopefuls must qualify by passing tests and screening processes to measure their abilities in areas such as technology, adaptability and corporate cultural fit. They also must undergo one on one interviews before being given a green light and job assignments. Similar to any permanent job process, being prepared brings a competitive advantage and boosts awareness on employment possibilities.

With over 20 years of experience working with staffing service firms and temps, Cathy A. Reilly teaches you about the advantages, challenges, pay, and benefits of being a temp. She explains what clients and staffing services look for in effective temps, how to find and apply to a high quality staffing service, and how to distinguish yourself from the crowd. Corporate culture, job performance issues, temp assessment tools, interview questions (and answers that have impact), real-world insights and “must knows” are included in this comprehensive manual.

About the Author

Cathy A. Reilly holds a degree in Business Administration and has worked for over 20 years in human resources and management in various companies in sectors coast to coast. Her career began in the U.S. Navy and led to work in the private sector industries of law, hospitality and entertainment. For the past 15 years, Cathy has worked in the financial services area of Wall Street and presently holds a position as Director of Administration at a private equity firm in Manhattan.

For more information about The Temp Factor: The Job Seeker’s Guide to Temporary Employment click here!

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