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Why corporate America needs to embrace social media

Why corporate America needs to embrace social media

It is my pleasure to have Margo Rose with me today. Margo caught my attention over a year ago when I saw her omnipresence on numerous social media platforms. She is one of the most respected and well-connected individuals in the social media and human resource space today. She is a community leader, HR pro, social media advocate and entrepreneur. She began working in human resources over 25 years ago and has seen this field go through metamorphic transformation with an insider’s view.

Margo is the brainchild and CEO behind HireFriday, the job seeker community and social movement that brings job seekers resources to people, information, career best practices and networking opportunities. Putting her HR background to good use, Margo dedicates many hours of volunteer time to coach and instruct job seekers on interview techniques, cover letter and resume development, and follow-up communications.

Cyndy: Margo, you have such a long and varied career with most of it being in or around the field of human resources. What is it about human resources that keeps you interested?

Margo: (response) The way human resources and social network technology meet will pave the way to helping organizations becoming an employer of choice, build talent communities and leverage technology to acquire top talent.  The online communities that are engaging candidates will transform the way we recruit and do business. It’s always about them, not you. It’s not marketing…it’s engagement.

Cyndy: With the advent of social media, information seems to travel at the speed of light. Do you think this openness of transparency and immediacy is a benefit or hindrance to most businesses?

Margo: (response) The instant access to business leaders and thought leaders will change the way we meet, engage and greet the most important people in our industry. The instant access changes how we communicate at all levels. Conversely, it is incumbent upon the individual to clean up their digital footprint on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.  As I say, “preface your status update with the invisible salutation, ‘Dear Employer.’  People can get fired, or not hired, based on how they communicate online.  The instant access behind the computer screen creates a false sense of security. Nothing is private on any social network. Ever.

Cyndy: Tell me how you see social media changing the business of human resources in the present and for the future?

Margo: (response) Social media will be the way we learn about and engage with our favorite brands, from everything from food and automobiles to big brands, jobs and colleagues.  It’s changing the way we do business, and now Facebook Pages are turning into online e-commerce store fronts.  People are looking for, and finding jobs, on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+. Social media is giving us the news as it happens.

Cyndy: How is recruiting different today as compared to 10 years ago, and do you believe these differences are having a positive impact on the process of talent acquisition?

Margo: (response) Everything is digital. Sourcing and developing talent pipelines are digital via Internet Boolean and semantic search. Gone are the index cards and yellow pages…company websites, tools and the entire methodology has changed. While social media recruiting is relatively new, we are now relying on online sources to source talent. We will always use the phone, and social networks help us find the contact information, build the relationship and leverage one’s online presence to “get” the meeting, and score call, or Skype meeting.

Cyndy: If you could tell an organization that does not have a social media presence three things to entice that company to develop a social presence, what would you say?

Margo: (response) Simple, will you be in business in 5 years? It’s an imperative to have a business brand presence online for inbound and outbound marketing, recruiting, sales, advertising and active grassroots engagement, and building strong communities.

  1. brand building
  2. developing at least one, but ideally many broadcasting channels
  3. connect with individuals to develop brand ambassadors and evangelists for free earned media and making their message go viral

Thank you, Margo, for a very informative conversation!

Margo owns HRSocial Strategy, and is the founder of HireFriday, and the popular Twitter #HFChat. She regularly interviews authors and thought leaders on Compassionate HR on blogtalkradio, and is a recurrent blogger on BrazenCareerist and her own blog HRMargo. She also serves as a presenter of the Nashville Social Media Club, has been named to the Top 100 Digital Media Influencers and 25 Influencers in Recruiting by HR Examiner, and named the “Social Networker of 2011” on

Cyndy began her career in Human Resource Communications on Madison Avenue in New York City over 12 years ago. Prior to that, she worked in corporate human resources as a recruiter and as a training and development coordinator. In addition, Cyndy has multiple years of media planning and account strategy experience at a management level from both the media and agency sides. She currently resides as the director and branch manager for NAS Recruitment Communications in Kansas City.

Cyndy holds a BA in psychology and mass communications and is currently matriculating towards a MA in psychology.

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