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When is the Best Time to Ask for a Raise

When is the Best Time to Ask for a Raise

As an employee, you know how hard you work each day. Only you know the dedication and professionalism you bring to a job. In fact, you may even be thinking about asking your boss for a raise. If you are, then you should know that sometimes are better than others for asking for a raise. You want to increase the chances that your boss will give you the raise, so knowing when to ask is important. The following tips could help you land the raise you need and deserve.

Right After An Excellent Evaluation

The best time to ask for a raise is right after an excellent evaluation. Most bosses have to conduct one or two evaluations per year on each employee. When you go into a closed-door meeting with your boss to discuss your performance on the job, this could be the opportunity you need. Wait until your boss has finished going through the evaluation with you. If you had positive remarks and met your goals, then this is the time to use that information to your advantage. When your boss asks why you deserve a raise, you can list the same points that your boss just told you. Your boss can’t argue with himself.

When Your Boss Gets Praised By His Boss

Another great time to ask for a raise is when your boss looks good in front of his superiors. When your boss feels like he is doing a great job, he is more likely to be in a good mood and want to help you. This works even better if you had a hand in helping your boss look good for his superiors. Try to schedule a time to ask for your raise right after your boss has received congratulations for a job well done or has maybe even received a promotion or raise himself.

When You Take On Extra Work Load

If you have recently taken on more of a work load in your place of employment, then this is a good time to ask about a raise. For example, if another employee left and that person’s work load was shifted to you, then you can use that as a bargaining chip. Be prepared to explain how much more work you are having to do to justify the raise in pay.

After Earning A Degree Or Certification

Have you recently earned a degree, certification, or license? If so, this is the time to show off what you have accomplished and ask for a raise. You deserve professional credit for earning a higher degree or earning a certificate or license. You can show your boss how committed you are to the company and to learning to do the best job possible. Your educational endeavors might just land you the raise you want.

When You Get A Positive Commendation

Be ready to ask for a raise as soon as you get a positive commendation from your employer. Maybe one of your customers called to praise your work, or maybe you reached a major sales goal in your department. Perhaps you found a way to save your company money each quarter. When you can show your boss tangible evidence as to why you deserve a raise, this is the best time to ask.

If you have hopes of getting the raise you ask for, watch for the little clues that show the boss is pleased with you. The best time to ask for a raise is when your boss is happy.

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