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Need a Job Promotion? Not Getting One? Fix this

Need a Job Promotion? Not Getting One? Fix this

So you’ve been slaving your whole years at your company without even a single sign of promotion? What can you do?

“One of the prime factors you need to consider in getting a promotion is to be a winning employee who is highly valued at the company,” says Alison Doyle, an employment expert and a job search who has many years experience in career development, human resources, and job searching “Your reputation, your work ethic and integrity and your skills and experience, are the things that will help you climb up the corporate ladder.”

Here are some of the things you need to do on how to get promotion at office.

You only do your job responsibilities

There is nothing wrong with doing your job responsibilities. After all, this is what you are paid to do, right? But when you confine yourselves to doing just that – and you are not open to do other things – then you might be headed for a rocky career path. Your attitude is similar to: “I am not being paid for this additional work so why should I do it?”

You know the right time

You keep looking at your watch. You know what the right lunch or snack break is. The truth is, there really is nothing wrong if you keep looking at your watch but if that is all you have to do and you are just too conscious of when you decide to leave for work then there really must be something wrong. Here’s a tip; How to get a promotion at office also needs additional work which sometimes mean you are expected to go way beyond your working hours.

You are considered a follower

When you don’t know how to initiate things, when you don’t know how to strategize, you are probably a follower and not a leader. Your boss needs you to lead especially when it comes to devising plan and strategizing actions so when he doesn’t see that in you, then there is no chance of you getting that elusive promotion.

You are not participative in staff meetings

You don’t take down notes. You come in late. You look at your company boss with a poker face. You don’t do anything but to sulk. These kinds of attitude can get you into trouble – and that promotion can whizz past your nose.

You have no heart in volunteering

One way how to get promotion at the office is to volunteer for additional work. Paid or not, you need to be active and alive when it comes to these types of work. Not because you need to or you have to but your boss is looking for people who are reliable, responsible and would say “yes” to any type of job.

You need to be mature enough

Your website, your blogs and your social networking accounts are willed with immature photos and words. Instead of looking at the positive side of things, you sometimes rant on the net. You complain about a lot of things – the weather, your family, even your pets – and worse, you complain about the work that you do. Your boss could probably see right through that and this is not an appealing way to get everything in motion – and that promotion too.

You have poor credit rating

Let’s face it – before your hiring, companies take a look at your credit score and see if you are in debt because this speaks a lot about who you are. It talks about your responsibilities and whether you are a man of integrity or not. Some companies even base their hiring process whether you have a good credit standing or not. Here’s a tip: you need to do a credit score check and do something with it if you know you are failing in that area.

You don’t work excellently

Some people are just working for the money while others are just working for the sake of working. In this world where everything is competition, you need to shine. You need to work diligently and excellently. You need to put your best foot forward so that your employers will notice the hard work you have been putting in. You need to consider your work as a career and not a job.

You dress for yourself

There are some companies which require you to represent them and therefore, you need to dress properly and correctly. You need to dress like a professional since you are working for that company.


What are the reasons why you still haven’t receive a promotion until now? There may be many factors involved. Among these include the fact that you don’t work excellently. You keep looking at the time and you have no heart in volunteering for other services. You are only considered a follower and you have a poor credit standing. So heed these advice and you ar eon your way to a promotion.

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