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A Closer Look Inside The GI Bill

A Closer Look Inside The GI Bill

Since 1944, the GI Bill of Rights shaped the veterans of several generations. After the attacks of 9-11, Congress recognized the need to update the educational benefits of this century’s service members.

The resulting legislation, often referred to as the GI Bill 2.0, provides benefits to qualified veterans that better reflected the unique needs of the 21st Century veteran of the armed forces. Earned benefits include vocational training, tutorial help and for the first time, direct financial assistance for online learners.

In addition to these new services, all fifty states participate in an extended benefit offering known as the Yellow Ribbon Program. The main purpose of the plan is to pay for up to 100% of all out-of-pocket expenses for in-state schooling costs. While not all colleges and universities in every state participate in the program, veteran-friendly schools may join voluntarily if they agree to certain conditions in which the school shares costs with the government for expenses that exceed the limits of the Post-9-11 GI Bill.

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  1. Great information here…my son who is a field medic in the Army is trying to decide on school or work after he gets out this coming fall. I will have him read this article and go to the links provided above!

  2. Interesting and a good update of available resources for vets.

  3. Great post showing our heroes just what is available to them

  4. Great post. It is good for vets to know what is available to them once they return to civilian life. I am sure it can’t be easy and every little bit we can do to ease the transition is helping them. thanks.

  5. Tremendous and RESOURCEFUL article. Exceptional research for the Heroes, well done RB!

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