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20 Things Job Seekers Should Never Tweet About

20 Things Job Seekers Should Never Tweet About

According to recent statistics, Twitter’s 100 million users have collectively sent over 16 billion tweets since Twitter was launched in 2006.  Earlier this year, Facebook reached over 400 million active users. Facebook has more members than the populations of Japan, Mexico and Russia, combined. Given these numbers, it’s not surprising that nearly two-thirds (64%) of online Americans use social media, and most social media users (84%) reveal information about themselves via social media channels.

Social networks can be a powerful resource for job seekers if they manage their social profiles correctly. However, it is important for job seekers to manage both the content they share online, as well as the connections they make on each network. A record number of employers are utilizing social networking sites to screen potential employees. Sixty seven percent of employers reported in a recent survey that they use social networking sites to research job candidates. Another 14 percent plan to start using social networking sites for candidate screening in the near future. Sharing too much information or having connections that share too much of your personal information online, can easily hurt your chances of finding a job or even getting called for an interview.

Listed below are 20 examples of content job seekers should never share online:

(All of the examples shown below are 100% real content we found by doing a quick search of the various social networks.  Names were hidden in an attempt to protect the not so innocent submitters.)

1.  Never discuss failing a drug test!

Discussing passing, failing or even how to beat a drug test with your buddy is never wise.  Mentioning the potential employers name in the same tweet is even worse .  Most companies monitor their online reputations and receive instant alerts anytime their company name is mentioned.

bad tweets ResumeBear failed drug test

Failed Drug Test Tweet ResumeBear

Another failed drug test bad tweets ResumeBear


2.  Never talk about how much you HATE your boss!

It is never smart to talk bad about your past, current or future boss online, regardless of how you really feel.

Hate Boss Tweet ResumeBear

really-hate-boss-tweet ResumeBear Career Blog

Hate Boss Tweet Subway Employee


3.  Never share how often you are late for work!

Hate Boss Tweet Subway Employee late-for-work-again ResumeBear Funny Tweets


4.  Never mention how much you hate your job.

Talking about how much you hate your current job might just get you fired or written up.   There are too many talented people ready and willing to take your place.  Job seekers should also be aware that future employers might scratch you off their potential candidate list after viewing  your comments.

Hate my job Tweet ResumeBear Career Blog


5.  Never talk about quitting your job.

Hate my boss bad tweets to share resumebear


 6.  Never brag about what you stole from the office!



7.  Never share how you lied on your resume or application.

Beware:   Protecting your tweets or setting your profile to private doesn’t always guarantee your privacy.  During our quick search today, we discovered one comment still showing up in Twitter search even though this user has recently set their tweets to private.


lied on application tweet ResumeBear


8.  Never use your online profile to confess how you lied to your employer.

Tweet about lying to boss resumebear job humor

9.  Never mention sleeping on the job.

Sleeping at Work Tweet ResumeBear

10.  Refrain from making negative comments about co-workers.


called coworker name resumebear bad tweets

11.  Don’t mention how bored you are at work!

bored at work resumebear bad tweets

12.  Never reveal your drug habits !

smoke weed

smoke weed tweets resumebear bad tweets

13.  Never mention how you lied to get off work.

tweets about lying to boss not really sick ResumeBear

14.  Never mention being Drunk at work!

drunk at work tweet

15.   Never brag about playing games at work !

playing at work

16.  Never share intimate details online!

sex talk at work

sex at work tweet

say no to sex work comment

17.  Never mention that you are sleeping with the boss!

Sharing intimate photos and information online is never advised.  Ask your friends and family to watch what they share online too!

Sleeping with boss

sleeping with boss son

slept with boss

18.  Refrain from making discriminatory remarks.

In a recent survey, employers reported they did not hire a candidate because of discriminatory comments they made online.

handicapped comment

discrimination tweets ResumeBear

hate fat people tweet


19.  Never call your customers or clients names!

stupid customers twitter comment

Stupid Customers Tweet

20.   Never brag about fighting at work!

brag about fighting at work

Believe it or not, this is a tame sampling of what we found online in just recent tweets.   If you have tweets or facebook posts you would like to share please leave them in comments and we will add them to our list.

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