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10 things every office needs to have

10 things every office needs to have

Your office is your sanctuary for getting things done – and it needs to be comfortable as well as conducive to work. If you are finding it difficult to focus, stay on task or just get a days worth of work done, you may be missing out on some of the tools that make it much easier!  Whether you have a cubicle or an insanely large office with a view, there are 10 things every single office needs to have:

  • A wall clock. People waste a lot of time because they pay zero attention to how it is passing. The tiny clock at the bottom of your computer screen is not enough – you need to pay attention to the time so that you aren’t wasting it.
  • A notepad within reach. Every time you have a phone conversation, you should be taking notes. The last thing you want is to forget vital information or forget to save a phone number.
  • Water. While it is common for offices to be overloaded with coffee, it can make you jittery and actually lose focus. Best to stay hydrated with water!
  • Personal photo. Having a great picture of your friends or family will keep you smiling on those tough days
  • A secret stash of something sweet. Sometimes you just need a little pick me up…my recommendation? Mini snickers. They are delicious and will curb hunger.
  • Stapler and Tape. This may seem silly and low tech, and it is rare not to find them in an office…but go a week without either and you’ll see why they are needed.
  • Music. Whether it’s Pandora or your iPod, music is a great way to help you stay focused and enjoy your day. Just make sure it’s at a volume that won’t disturb your neighbors.
  • A quality chair. There is nothing worse than a sore back or butt from sitting in a bad chair every day. Invest in a good one!
  • File Organizer. Keeping a clean desk will help you to stay more organized and more effective.
  • A large computer screen. No more staring at small outdated computer screens – it is bad for your eyes and worse for your focus!

What do you have in your office that you couldn’t live without?

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  1. Gotta have coffee or some other liquid energizer, too. (although I wish I could pull off the puppy idea!)

  2. Now that I have an actual desk. Sticky notes…I am the sticky note queen. I don’t have speakers on my computer nor does my phone really play music, so I cant’ have music. I do think I’d be more productive with it on. I always worked with music on when I was in college.

    I need to get some personal pictures up though.

  3. Good stuff to have in an office definitely. Both from the article and from the comments. Hey! But don’t forget the stressball in the draw or on your desk. We all have those stressful days from time to time (some more than others). A stress ball really does work wonders for people.

    Thanks for sharing!


  4. My office doesn’t have music; but I do have my TV set up so if I need to take a break, I can catch up on the news and latest weather, but then again my office has two huge windows that I can look out. I think windows are a DEFINITE plus!!

  5. Animals! Love having dogs and cats roaming around. Also, dual monitors. And Diet Coke.

  6. A monthly calendar, iPod and my two Siamese cats

  7. Have to have my plants and smelly candles!

  8. If my staff doesn’t like the chair I have provided for them, I send them to the office store to pick out a chair that fits them perfectly. Nothing worse than going home from a stressful day with a sore back from sitting all day in a chair that doesn’t fit.

  9. These are the basics.Now add some personal features and your production will double

  10. Peanut butter is my staple lol PLUS I have a gazillion pens stashed everywhere. Never know when you need to write a good idea down somewhere!

    Karen, The Resume Chick (on Google or Twitter if you need me)

  11. A great headset (can’t stand talking on the phone without it) and adequate light. But…I don’t have the stash of sweet things – I’m using an amazing weight loss product that cuts my cravings, so I don’t need them!!!

  12. SortQwick, jumbo paper clips, small and medium binder clips, and Post-It notes in 3×3 and 1×1.5 inches. These are non-negotiable basics for me!

  13. Since I work at home – having my puppy next to me is also a requirement in my office! He calms me down when I am stressed and makes a great sounding board :)

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