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What We Really Do at Work on Our Mobile Phones

What We Really Do at Work on Our Mobile Phones

A recent survey sheds light on what people do on their mobile devices at work—and what they think others are doing.

More than 60 percent of those surveyed reported using their mobile devices to watch videos, including ones unrelated to work, such as sports clips and viral videos. A majority of respondents said workers should be able to use whatever mobile device they prefer to do routine tasks at the office, rather than being required to use the company computer.

Perhaps the most interesting findings of the survey related to what respondents suspected other people were doing on their mobile devices at work: searching for another job, researching embarrassing medical conditions and visiting online dating sites, among other things. Then there were the clever ways people assumed others were slyly checking their mobile devices—using tactics like pretending to tie their shoes or ducking into the bathroom.

Do you use your mobile device at work and, if so, for what? Ever gotten in trouble for it? Come clean in the comments.

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