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Content Job Seekers Should Never Share Online

Content Job Seekers Should Never Share Online

Social Media can be a very valuable tool for both employers and job-seekers.  Employers can get a feel for your personality and accomplishments outside the confines of a resume and Job-Seekers can use Social Media to make connections and promote themselves.  According to multiple recent surveys, thousands of job seekers have said that social media helped them during their job search.  However, social media can also hurt your chance of landing your dream job if you don’t carefully manage your “personal brand” online.

The best practice for anyone to follow when deciding what to share online is to NEVER share something you don’t mind your employer, grandmother or preacher seeing.  Once you post any photo or comment it could live on indefinitely and come back to haunt you later on even if you later delete it or hide it from public view.  Recent history has shown even Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, is not immune to having his photos leaked.  Brad Schepp, co-author of How To Find A Job On LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Google+, adds: Make sure any profiles you write are free of typos, the information is coherent and applicable to your industry or job you’re trying to land, and your photos present you in a favorable light.

The information you provide online about your job background and accomplishments should also be consistent, he says. “Don’t assume an employer will only be checking you out on LinkedIn. They may also check Facebook, or even Twitter and Google+.  The story you tell on each site should be consistent, although it’s fine to adapt the content you share for each site.”

We randomly searched the top social networks and Google and quickly found that there is an abundance of people not following the expert’s advice.  As documented by many all year, Facebook’s new Graph Search makes it very simple for anyone to search for anything they want to know on Facebook. Unfortunately, it took less than 10 minutes to find the damaging postings shown below.  All are from real social profiles, and were made within the last few days.  Photos & comments like these could potentially hurt any job-seekers chance of landing their dream job.  Names and personal information were blacked out to protect the not so innocent.

1.  Never Threaten Others or Share your Domestic Disputes Online

Dont threaten people or air your dirty laundry on Facebook Resumebear

argue with friends on facebook


rant on facebook not professional

2.  Don’t Talk About How Much You Hate Your Boss and Make Racist Comments Online

In the example shown below, this man lists his real name, employer, former school, city, state, former employer and other easily identifiable information and openly shares how much he hates Chinese people and his boss.  Notice in the screenshot below that 6 liked it and 7 shared it.


3.  Don’t Talk about How Much You Hate Your Job

Some people obviously have no idea how many people would give anything to just have a job of any kind.  From the examples below you can see that it is not uncommon at all, to openly share how much they hate their job, with total disregard for who sees it.  All display their real name, former school, city, state, employer and other personal information and their profiles are 100% Public for all the world to see.

hate my job rant on facebook resumebear digital dirt

The Same guy’s entire timeline is filled with comments about how much he truly hates everything about his job.

bored at work hate my job

4.  Don’t Share How You are Still Drunk from the Night Before and at Work!

drunk at work photo resumebear

5.  Carefully Select Which Facebook Groups You Join

It’s probably not a good idea to join a Facebook Group called I hate my boss or I hate my job.  A quick Facebook graph search reveals all members in seconds.

hate_my_boss groups on Facebook resumebear

6.  Ask Your Friends Not to Share Photos of You, Tag You in Photos or Comment On Your Wall If You are Interviewing

You may even want to disable postings on your wall entirely by anyone until you find a job.  You can also go into your privacy settings and elect to receive notice if you are tagged in any photos.  If you find you have been tagged in some photos you shouldn’t have been, you can un-tag yourself and report it to Facebook if necessary.

drunk photo tagged on facebook resumebear


7.  Check Your Spouse’s or Significant Other’s Profile For Inappropriate Content

One click or a simple Facebook Graph Search and your potential future employer can easily see your spouse’s likes, groups, and more! It’s best to do a complete profile sweep of their profiles also if you are applying for jobs.  An even better option is just to hide your relationship status altogether.  Check what pages you each have liked, review what groups you have joined, and browse both of your uploaded photos to make sure there is no inappropriate content.

facebook graph searches

For some other hilarious Facebook Graph Searches done by others visit

8. Don’t Share Work Stories Online

dont share work stories online

resumebear digital dirt

9.  Don’t share Political Views Online.




10.  Don’t Share How You are Afraid of Failing Your Drug Test.



Tune in tomorrow for some ideas of content you can share online that will HELP you not HURT you.

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