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Are You a Geek or Nerd?

Are You a Geek or Nerd?

In the ongoing battle between geek and nerd, one must take sides. But how can this be done without a solid argument for both persona’s? It’s time to lay all the cards on the table to determine which is better and answer the question some fear to know: Are you a geek or a nerd?

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  1. I guess the geek nerd dilema certainly put a fold in some peep’s pocket protectors, which BTW I still have – somewhere in a box, along with my flowchart template.

    In any event I like to be geek by day and nerd by night! :)


  2. 〠 Dang! You certainly are one Angry Nerd all right! Sending you a <:3 )~ (mouse) to make you happy … 〠

  3. This is the right Are You a Geek or Nerd? | Resumebear Online Resume journal for anyone who wants to attempt out out near this matter. You react so overmuch its almost wearying to debate with you (not that I real would want…HaHa). You definitely put a new extend on a message thats been holographic about for years. Nice sundries, but eager!

  4. Angry Nerd… please take a deep breath and a chill pill.

  5. I think most of us involved in online discourse are likely a bit of both. However, I think I tend to lean a bit more toward the Nerd than the Geek.

  6. According to this I’m a nerd. So I guess I just have studly tendencies..

  7. LOL great infographic, I am 100% a geek. Thanks for the share.

  8. Geek or Nerd – doesn’t matter. Both great!

  9. i’m half geek and half nerd. that makes me a hunk

  10. Im mostly a geek and slightly a nerd

  11. I am not a millennial but I have always thought of myself as a geek… sigh..

    Now where does “dork” fall in this spectrum?

  12. Crap that still dosent answe it for me coz i do both :/

  13. I m not a Greek or not a nerd. But I like both.


  14. it seems the author confuses geek with hipster…

  15. I can’t possibly read any further than the introductory paragraph with its erroneous apostrophe. Persona’s? PERSONA’S? Personas, please. Oh dear, score 1 for my inner nerd.

  16. Isn’t there a 3rd category called ‘JUST ME’?

  17. Hilarious! The comments are just as good as the graphic. Since I’m some of both, does that make me a geekerd? Nerdeek? Split personality?

  18. How could Revenge of the Nerds not be on the favorite movie list for both of them?

  19. A neeky gerd or a gerdy neek, depending!

  20. HAHAHAHA…I think there is a little bit of geek and nerd in all of us !

  21. I’ll think about.

  22. I’m a mix of both with a streak of slightly crafty mom thrown in for good measure. lol Thanks!

  23. Love this Article and I see it was a hit for others too. I think the person who knows themselves very well can find a little of both in themselves. Or they find themselves completly opposite!!

  24. I have more geek attributes than nerd attributes.

  25. I’m a Neek or a Gerd. Whichever you prefer.

  26. Well, from the top I’m clearly a geek, but when I got to the movies, I’m a total nerd!

  27. I have traits of both in a blender. Is that double geek and nerd?

  28. Before the article I said geek. I guess I am more of a nerd. LOL!!

  29. Probably have been one, the other none, or both at one point. Now I am most likely a Neek or possibly a Gerd.

  30. 80% Geek, 20% Nerd. But not many people don’t know it. Um…

  31. Hybrid. Disagree about “a mac” and “a PC”.

  32. lol A bit of both plus alot of other things thrown in !!

  33. Ok, I’m neither. The computer is my winter sports. Mn is very cold, a lot of snow and I dislike winter. I would rather be cutting, fishing, cooking out, almost anything than sitting in front of a PC while my skin turns white and falls off.

  34. haha! I guess I never knew I was more geek than a nerkle :)

  35. I’m a little bit of both.

  36. Oh, my goodness! This may be one of my favorite new infographics! Honestly, I never considered myself a geek – until today. But once I clearly saw that I fit the profile of geek to a “T”, it was undeniable. I’ll always like the movies watched by both nerds & geeks. Thanks for sharing!

  37. Hi Bob, I am either one of the either. But great page nice graphic, lot’s of interesting news. Keep Rock n.

  38. I guess I’m a Nerdy Geek or a Geeky Nerd. In high school and college I was definitely a Nerd, but as I age, I become more of a Geek. Maybe in a another 10 or so years I’ll be more of a Geek than Nerd. Based on the infographic I share qualities pretty equally!

  39. This was fantastic.

    I’ll own up to being a geek!


    My wife would say I was a nerd.

  40. Geek is the more appealing choice!

  41. Hmmm… a little from column A and a bit from column B me thinks.. so I gues that makes me a Neek or is it a Gerd! ;)

  42. Not sure… great Graphic! Still pondering

  43. Where does a delta delta delta come in?

  44. Awesome graphic! But why do I have to choose? I’m pretty sure I’m both.

  45. I would say I’m a NeeKstic. Mostly Geek with a dash of Nerd, but I also have a good bit of artistic creative tendencies.

    I loved the infographic – thanks for the mission!

  46. Okay… TOTAL nerd. Battlestar Galactica is my fave show:>) Great post.

  47. Looks like I’m both. :)

  48. Have to say I’m very 50/50 on this

  49. Nathalie Steinmetz

    Looking at the movies section, I’m definitely a nerd ;)

  50. I am so both and much better looking that than graphic:)

  51. Nice ! I have to admit I’m

  52. Mostly Geek some jock

  53. I’m like the blessed trinity: Geek, Nerd, and Popular. Can that happen?

  54. I’m certainly a healthy mix of both geek and nerd. I just take exception to the nerdy description of being “socially inept” so I am clearly not 100%. ;)

  55. I’m either a Neek or a Gerd

  56. Thanks for funny post,Bob, and for great missions. I guess I’m both,lol

  57. Inner nerd, outer geek.

  58. more geek than nerd, albeit a cool one at that!

  59. Geek with nerd tendencies? Mostly geek, with just enough nerd stirred in to keep me from becoming a complete douche. Yep, that’s me.

  60. I am both. Must be my bipolar showing up again. :)

  61. I love it! Too thick to be either unfortunately, but more geek than nerd probably!

  62. Love it! Like many who’ve commented already – I see myself on both sides, so, definitely a hybrid! :)

  63. If any of these two that would be geek for me, except for the Nerdie movies Matrix and LoTR. :-) Nice one for the weekend Bob, thanks!

  64. Bob,

    Super set of defining actions. Appears I am both depending on the circumstances, the situation and the time of day. I am a chameleon of sorts not able [not willing either] to be pegged into one box.


  65. Neither. But, according to movie alone, I’m more close to nerd definition. This is nonsense and waste of time.

  66. Love it! Keep the infographic’s coming Warren – Very cool.

  67. I used to be a complete nerd but I’m bit of both to be honest

  68. Definitely a nerd

  69. I think they’re trying to separate the two just a bit too far.

  70. I must be a blend, I’d say about 50/50

  71. Oops – meant to say Geek! (Hope my whole day isn’t going to go like this…….)

  72. Nerd. The Arrested Development reference clinched it!

  73. sometimes geek
    sometimes nerd

  74. Guess I’m a Neek? Or A Gerd? Dunno..
    Great infographic!

  75. About 60% geek, 40% nerd. I don’t like the label “nerd” but there’s no denying a lot of my interests coincide with the nerd stuff listed here … :-$

  76. I can identify with the Geek, but love the nerd movies. I guess that means both.

  77. I was Geek all the way, except for the Matrix… lol Thanks for the fun post.


  78. Love the Infographics Bob! I can’t say I am either Geek or Nerd and from what I can see may have a couple traits in both! Guess I am just somewhere in between!! :)

  79. Definitely 100% geek all the way!

  80. Not sure I really agree with this assessment. Per this infographic, I fall heavily into both camps in regards to likes & traits that don’t relate to social skills. But I think there’s too strong a correlation between “geek” and “hipster” here. Many hipsters are geeks, and many geeks are indeed hipsters, but they’re purely a large subset, not synonymous. Plus? Geeks love sci-fi, too.

    My thought has always been that nerd = geek sans social skills. And that’s pretty much it. Einstein was a geek. Brian Cox, most definitely a geek. Dwight Shrute? A nerd with geek potential.

  81. I can’t code so therefore a nerd, I guess.

  82. Oh Bob, don’t ask me that kind of private questions please :-)

  83. I fall somewhere in the middle.

  84. I’m a Nerd Motorcyclist.

  85. Truly entertaining and it’s clearing out on the clichees. :)

  86. I’m a nerd with heavy geeky tendencies… answered while watching episodes of Caprica downloaded from Pirate Bay on my Galaxy tablet

  87. Great infographic. I’m a 1st degree geek, not a black belt yet…lol. Thanks for the mission!

  88. Sorry waste on a good screen

  89. I’m more of the nerd type.

  90. Cool inphogaphic! I would say, I am both too.. :)

  91. I’m a 3rd nerd, a 3rd geek, and a 3rd Just wanna go crazy and have fun.

  92. Depends on the day! But probably more often a nerd than a geek!

  93. hmmm…a mix of both and a heck of a lot else not listed on either. :) fun post though!

  94. Funny summary. If it’s true I am slightly more a geek than a nerd.

  95. Don’t know which suits for artist :)

  96. As I suspected, I’m both! A geeky nerd…or a nerdy geek!

  97. I have characteristics of both, but I’m more of a geek than a nerd.

  98. A lot of geek with a little nerd thrown in! LOL! ;)

  99. very creative

  100. I’m actually both ~_~ … I have 3 personas

  101. geek , defenitly …. love this infograph !

  102. Sorry I don’t think I qualify for either :-)

  103. I love that!!! Thanks for the laugh. I don’t consider myself either….but I see a couple of traits of myself in both.

  104. Always great infograohics from Bob

  105. Thank God there is another who understands! Geeks with PCs will rule the world! muahahahahahahahahahahaha….

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