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Who are the 10 Most Connected People on LinkedIn?

Who are the 10 Most Connected People on LinkedIn?

In honor of LinkedIn passing the 100 Million member mark this week, I thought I’d introduce you to the 10 most connected people on LinkedIn.  Each of these members has at least 30,000 first-level connections.  Ron’s got the most with more than 43K!

1. Ron Bates
Managing Principal, Executive Advantage Group, Inc.
San Francisco Bay Area
Staffing and Recruiting
Member #141450

2. Kenneth Warner Weinberg
Contract Sourcer / Recruiter
San Francisco Bay Area
Staffing and Recruiting
Member #3230844

3. Andrew ‘Flip’ Filipowski
Entrepreneur, World Renown Speaker & Philanthropist – CEO SilkRoad Equity
Greensboro/Winston-Salem, North Carolina Area
Information Technology and Services
Member #200407

4. Steven Burda, MBA
Senior Financial and Business Professional
Greater Philadelphia Area
Management Consulting
Member #5604666 <- How can this be? I’ve seen Steven on here forever!

5. Richard Atkind
Human Resources leader
Greater Boston Area
Human Resources
Member #196650

6. Wei Guan, FRM
VP, Application Architect at Barclays Capital
Greater New York City Area
Financial Services
Member #1686721

7. Marc Freedman
CEO/CMO ► Web 2.0/Digital-Social Media/Tech Visionary ► 35,000+
Dallas/Fort Worth Area
Member #5444337

8. Stan Orlowski
30K + Direct Connections ♦ ONA – Open Networkers Alliance
Orange County, California Area
Marketing and Advertising
Member #10066337

9. Stacy Donovan Zapar
Most Connected Woman on LinkedIn ♦ 30,000+ ♦ Tech Recruiter at Intuit
Greater San Diego Area
Computer Software
Member #460284

10. Kevin Wright
Senior Vice President, Strategy, Sales and Marketing at Meggitt Control Systems
Greater Los Angeles Area
Aviation & Aerospace
Member #54115

Most of these folks joined back in the early days and were one of the early adopters – within the first 1% of LinkedIn members.  Kevin appears to be the earliest as Member #54115, which puts him in the first .05% if my math is correct!  Wow.

Want to know YOUR member number? It’s the number embedded in your LinkedIn profile URL (after “id=”).  For instance, here’s mine:

Comment below and tell us YOUR member number!  How has LinkedIn helped YOU since joining?

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  1. 1102142. Linked In has been an invaluable tool for myself and my business.

    You can find me on the web or @GingerTT on Twitter.

  2. 7384350
    Not an early adopter, but now teaching other independent professionals how to use LinkedIn effectively.

  3. Most people use LinkedIn to try to network with people that may be in a position to assist them with finding their next position, many not knowing the other person beyond the cyber world. Anyone have any suggestions on how to best utilize or approach new contacts with whom you may only be connected with on LinkedIn to get you more interviews and less sacrifing of your resume to the “black hole”?

  4. Federica (Italy)

    Hallo from Italy!
    I’m #3.237.286 … large number, but I suppose I was one of the beginners in Italy to use Linkedin.
    Does someone know if there is a way to have the data for country?
    So actually I’ve more than 1800 connections.
    Let’s connect? My mail is
    I use ONLY Linkedin as Social Network and it gives me information (not only concerning my job and my country), and opportunity to state busines relation.
    In Italy we have to learn more about this!!!

    Have a great Day

  5. As we deliver social media training in the Netherlands (the country with the highest penetration of Linkedin among the labor force (26,2%)), I often meet people that use Linkedin on a daily base. I’m user #8788788 (nice number) and wonder who will be the 10 most connected people on Linkedin in Europe?
    Do you have those results as well?

  6. My ID # is 55409. LinkedIn is incredibly useful for job searches.

  7. Linkedin has to be the best way to connect with true professionals.

  8. Obviously Stacy Zapar (#9 on the list) has used the hints she gave on LinkedIn from a previous post.

  9. It’s interesting and sort of sad that there is only 1 woman in the 10 that are the most linked in. :( Definitely says something about the business world. We definitely have work to do.

  10. And they keep in touch with all these contacts how?

  11. I wonder how it has benefitted them in regard to their professions. I would very much like for her to expand on that piece of the puzzle.

  12. My number is 18870015
    LinkedIn keeps me in contact with my connections regardless of where they go and allows me to find out more about a person before we speak… it’s a great tool! I love to put a face with a name/voice.

  13. Great article. I’m Member No. 31417415. Not an early adopter, by any means. But I love what is happening on LinkedIn, as more and more business professionals from around the world find a home here. One thing LinkedIn can teach all us… Don’t burn your bridges!

  14. Thanks for the post. I’m considering myself also an early adopter of LinkedIn (Member No. 824075). However, the impact my profile had on my current job search was very limited. I actually like the possibility to be endorsed a lot. But I guess that within Europe LinkedIn is not as popular among HR-Professionals as it is within the US.

  15. Very interesting. The top two from San Francisco and 50% from California. It must be because they get more sunshine than the east.

  16. My number: 374831
    Keeps me in contact with candidates for recruitment possibilities.

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