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What Makes My Resume Special?

What Makes My Resume Special?

You’re looking for that perfect job in your chosen career path. The one that will secure your future and make you happy until retirement.

The first step and sometimes the most important, is to have an impressive resume. Potential employers will often look at a resume for their call-back decision, even if the application was filled out to perfection.

Some companies may not be actively hiring, but will be interested in contacting a candidate who drops off an impressive resume.

What should you look for in a resume writer or service so that your resume stands out?

Samples and References

You’re trusting the future first impression that a hiring manager will have of you to a resume writer. It stands to reason that the writer should have samples and references ready for you.

Ask to see their own resume. Check up on references and look for reviews of any service you are checking out. Don’t get caught out paying hundreds of dollars for a resume rewrite that ends with you receiving a resume months later that you can’t use or that doesn’t net you interviews.

Who Are You?

Many resume writers never speak to their clients over the phone. While emails and instant messaging can give them a glimpse of who you are, speaking on the phone can help clear up any misconceptions.

The writer can ask in-depth questions and follow up on email questions they might need clarification on. Don’t discount the power of actually speaking with your writer, even if they insist that they can glean everything they need to know from emails.

Another important factor in your new resume – does it really represent who you are?

Your writer must take care to accurately portray your past achievements, your work ethic, and work history.

Don’t allow the writer to blow things out of proportion, making it seem as if you have had duties you did not perform. This can be a huge deal breaker and cost your more potential jobs or interviews than a boring resume. Employers need honest employees, a falsified resume is lying and can get you fired if you do land your dream job.

Errors Are Deadly

Errors in spelling or grammar on a resume can kill your prospects.

If your writer has samples full of spelling or grammar mistakes, it’s time to look for another service. There’s no excuse for a resume writer to have many errors. Most services require their writers take tests and recertify once a year. These writers may need to submit test resumes and write essays on their services before continuing to work for the service.

Before you commit to any service or writer ask about a guarantee.

Do they offer a money back promise? If not, move on to another service. Many resume writers will offer a satisfaction agreement where they will refund a portion of your payment or agree to rewrite the resume to your satisfaction.

Be careful in your choice, the more impressive and honest your resume, the better your chances of landing your perfect job.


About the Author: Tina Samuels writes on social media, marketing, Steve Wynn, and career topics.

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