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What’s wrong with the Candidate Experience? Five Complaints from Job Seekers.

What’s wrong with the Candidate Experience? Five Complaints from Job Seekers.

On behalf of the recruiting industry, isn’t it time we apologized to job seekers everywhere? They’ve put up with challenges and complications associated with finding a job for too long. They’ve been jumping through hoops to land the perfect job, and frustration is mounting! We’re listening, and we’ve taken note of their biggest concerns.

Where do I start?

They think top job boards like Monster or CareerBuilder are the best places to start.  But, because these sites charge to post, many employers don’t list all their openings.  And with thousands of job boards and career advice sites, there’s no central location for quality information and career services.

Applying takes too long!

Automated online applications require candidates to repeatedly upload their resume and fill out lengthy forms every time they apply.  These antiquated candidate tracking systems totally disregard job seekers’ time.  They end up driving the best candidates away, in search of a job application with an easier process.

How do I maintain all my resumes?

Job seekers might keep up to six versions of their resume.  But, with no cloud solution to manage them, they only sit on their computer’s desktop.  Sure, they might use sites that let them create a profile.  But, these programs force all users into the same template and lack the flexibility to highlight accomplishments, or be creative with the style.

Did they forget about me?

They feel like their resume fell into a black hole.  Hiring managers don’t tell candidates where they stand, nor do they keep them informed of next steps.  Post-interview silence is worse. They rarely know if timelines have changed or if the position was canceled.

The process is completely impersonal!

If they even get a response, it’s an automated one.  They prefer to hear from an actual person, even if it’s just to inform them that they’ve selected another candidate or taken the position in a different direction.

The pressures of a slow economy and shortage of jobs create enough stress for job seekers.  At Ascendify, we are rallying around ways to improve the candidate experience because we feel the job search process shouldn’t cause further angst.

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  1. Thanks for the re-post, Resume Bear! We’ve posted Part 2 of our series on the candidate experience.

    Check it out here:

  2. Looking for a job today is much better than it was back in 1993 when I graduated from college. Back then you would spend about $50 to print up and mail 100 resumes. After about 3 weeks you would get about 20 letters in response stating that your resume had been received and would be kept on file in case any positions matching your skills opened up. Keep in mind that this was a resume sent applying to a specific position. Today, as frustrating as it can be, is light years beyond 1993.

  3. Looking for a job in this slow economy is not the same as it was 5-10 years ago and as a result we need to use newer job searching tools. I agree with Dominik in that using Resume Bear’s tools will take you a lot further in getting the job you want. Of course even Resume Bear won’t get you the job if your skills don’t match the position.

  4. If job seekers used Resume Bear they wouldn’t have these problems. I did and found the best job I’ve ever had.

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