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Taking Your Job Search Mobile? Check out ResumeBear

Taking Your Job Search Mobile? Check out ResumeBear

There’s a new trend in job searching, and you may have already tried it: More than 9 million workers search for jobs via mobile devices today, according to comScore.* The ease of tablet devices and smartphones allows job seekers to search for jobs on their own time and terms, and companies are taking notice.

“Touch is the new frontier for job search,”  “Tablet users expect to see jobs information in a visual way that reflects the visual approach of the overall Web.”

But as job-searching media change from paper résumés to online submissions to mobile applications, there are some points to remember to keep your job search efficient and productive. Check out the following tips for applying on a mobile or tablet device, as well as new tools that can improve your job search.

Tips for applying on the go
When using mobile devices in your search, remember to still take your time with the application process. Due to smaller screens and people’s tendency to multitask with their mobile devices, there’s a higher chance of making an error on your application.

Also, use customized résumés for each job for which you’re applying. Many companies use applicant tracking systems that scan résumés for keywords, which are often found in job descriptions. Some mobile-friendly sites, such as, allow you to save multiple résumés that you can choose from and use during the application process.

Finally, take the extra time to do your research. While it’s tempting to apply quickly to every job listing you see, remember that the system works best for everybody when you apply only for jobs that you’re qualified for and would seriously consider accepting. Check out the company’s background and what it’s like to work there. Learn about the company culture and if it’s a good fit for you. Not only will this give you a better idea of whether you want this job, but it will also prepare you to write a thoughtful cover letter and for a successful interview.

Tools to help your search
ResumeBear has just launched a new experience for Mobile users, ResumeBear/Mobile , that is redefining mobile job search. The highly personalized and intuitive experience enables Mobile users to Track jobs and get a Text Alert as soon as there Resume has been received, and it offers a host of other cool features.

Mobile devices will only continue to grow more prominent in the different facets of our lives, including job searching. Stay ahead of the curve and try out these new tips and technologies in your job search today.

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