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No More Resume Black Hole Control Your Job Search

No More Resume Black Hole Control Your Job Search

Featured Feature: Real-Time Resume Tracking

Here at the Bear, we aren’t typically the type to toot our own horn, however, in light of some big changes coming your way in the near future, its time we start. But before we make a fuss over all the new and improved features, let’s review some aspects of ResumeBear already in place that set us apart from your standard job board or resume creating service. We’ll call this our featured feature: Resume Tracking.

One of the greatest services ResumeBear offers to give the job seeker a huge advantage in their job search, is our ability to track resumes and keep the job seeker informed–all in real time.

What do we mean by that?

When you apply for a job and submit your resume through ResumeBear, you will receive an email or text message as soon as your resume is viewed. Additionally, if it is forwarded or printed you will get another alert.

If you have been suffering from the dreaded “black hole” syndrome, our tracking service eliminates this. You know exactly when your resume is viewed, leaving the power in your hands; make the next move, or wait for the call.

And because your resume is NOT sent or opened as an attachment but opened in a new browser, you know its your actual resume–in its original format–that has been viewed. What a relief for you!

While we do know how much of an advantage this gives the job seekers, remember, this is only ONE of our great features.We might be getting a little ahead of ourselves when we say this, but when you see everything Resumebear has to offer you, why would you use a different job-search service?

Until our next featured feature, good luck in your job search, and remember, the Bear loves you.

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ResumeBear is Putting America Back to Work One Job at a Time! Track Down the Job of your Dreams using our New Online Resume Builder, Free Resume Delivery, Real Time Resume Tracking and our all NEW Opportunity Matching Feature! #resumebear #onejob #Careertools #jobs


  1. Resume Bear always comes-up with great resume services.This Feature feature service also sounds interesting! Sean Nicholson, even I think that services provided by CareerBuilder or Monster emphasizes more on email resume submissions.

  2. This looks like a *very* interesting service and I signed up, uploaded a resume, etc…to see how it works.

    Just curious, though, how would a service like this work for something like CareerBuilder or Monster, where you upload your resume to their service? Is this service more for email resume submissions?



  3. It’s OK… go ahead and toot your horn! ResumeBear is changing the way job seekers organize, submit and track their resumes. The resume black hole is gone!

  4. Great article and service! Thank you Resume Bear!

  5. Nothing better than realtime feedback – great!

  6. Looks like an excellent system – I enjoyed the video the other day, btw!

  7. The unknown or unanswered is art of what makes it so depressing to look for a job. Great service.

  8. I use several services like this one just to keep posted on all job listings. I’ve signed up but haven’t yet completed everything. I’ll be back later with a review! Best..

  9. I didn’t use Resume Bear on my last job search simply because I was unaware of it. However, I’ve been keeping up with blog posts and have recommended it to my friends who are job hunting. And there are far too many of them right now.

  10. I have not used this service yet. Great article.

  11. In this day and age to have some control over your job search is a must. Thanks ResumeBear.

  12. Great system, I haven’t used it because, well I am out of the market. My last job application was 3 months ago, interview 2 months ago and I got the Dear John letter today. All the best.

  13. I haven’t use this product yet but I am reading over two Months now your blog. I like this review seems very honest. :)

  14. I no olonger have any use for your type of service, but I know there are many who do and you are offering a very detailed service. Keep up the great work.

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