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How your college degree impresses employers

How your college degree impresses employers

There are numerous things that may impress future employers, but as a student, your ability to impress a future employer is limited. It is highly unlikely that you have had any industry experience, or that you have done anything distinguished within your chosen business/academic sector. Your older competitors may have years of experience in the field, they may have written popular journal entries, or achieved high commendations in their previous jobs. You can help to improve your chances of making a good impression if you follow some of the advice within this article.

One that is free from trouble

Your record should show that you had no trouble during the course of your studies, from being late for lectures to being arrested for speeding. Even small infractions may be picked up upon by employers. Do not forget that when you leave college/university, you are an untested employee, therefore without work references the only thing employers have to go on is your college career, and your conduct within.

One that is free from strife

You may feel it necessary to mention on your job application or resume about how hard college was. How you had to work two jobs and care for your sick mother, but employers do not want to hear it. They want to know that your college time was well served and well within your ability and means.

One where you were dedicated

Employers have to deal with people starting a job and quitting within a month. It is not a good idea to take up and drop various courses, because it shows a lack of dedication that will not look good on your work history/resume.

One where you were reliable

You turned up for lectures when you were supposed to and you saw all of your extracurricular tasks/programs through to completion.

One where you showed your independence

Employers detest having to hold the hand of their employees. They understand that each new employee needs training and there will be a period of uncertainty on the part of the employee, but that time should pass. The employer would like some indication that one day he/she will give you a task and you will run with it without supervision or causing him/her any problems.

The top 1% of American women earners have

Certain degrees appear to be more impressive than others are. This is because the top 1% of women earners have them. It could simply be that highly successful women have a though process that draws them to these degrees, nevertheless if you are woman you may consider a degree in Political Science, Economics, Art History, Pharmacy, Religious Studies, Finance or Accounting.

These may potentially impress bosses in multiple sectors

Some degrees will apply to more than one job. For example if you take a degree in psychology then you may find your choices limited when you look for a job, however if you are qualified in accounting then you will find a very wide range of companies wanting to employ you. Some of these degrees are in Business Management and Administration, Accounting, Communications, Computer Science and Engineering.

The point is that many companies and institutions have similar needs. For example they all have computers and communications needs. Getting a degree in a certain areas will allow you to walk into a wider variety of companies and establishments. You will still end up doing similar jobs within each of them, but you get more choice in which you work for. For example, a medical degree will get you into medical institutions, but a degree in computer science can have you employed anywhere, from a city library to the White House.

Extra credit and associated achievements

For some reason an employer likes to hear a number of good factors instead of just one. You could have scored the highest in your college year, of simply have completed your degree without fuss, and yet they want to hear more. They will want to hear how you had work experience in a prestigious area, and how you volunteered somewhere. They will want to hear how you won a competition in your academic area, or how you were put in charge of something. Getting your degree should be enough to get your foot in the door, but your extra achievements will help you to kick it open.

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