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Before You Apply to that Job, Do This!!

Before You Apply to that Job, Do This!!

If you’ve recently graduated from college and are preparing to search for your first entry-level position, then you likely know the importance of producing a strong cover letter, resume, educational transcript, professional and character references and portfolio pieces. However, you might not be aware of lesser-known but important preparations you should make before even sending out an application. Here are two important job searching tips to help you get started.

Search for yourself
Whenever you’re looking for information on unknown topic, you likely turn to internet search sites like Google or Bing for information. Today’s hiring managers do the same thing when looking for information about potential candidates. Before starting your job hunt, type your name into an internet search engine and see what comes up. If pictures from your last college party are the first thing to pop up, you may want to clean up your online presence.

Make a website
While damaging online information can harm your chances at earning a new job, positive information can be a huge boost for your chances. Many employers like to see a strong and diverse online profile for potential employees. Go above and beyond with a personal website dedicated to your professional experience, background information, educational achievements, work portfolio and other interactive application elements.

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  1. have just wrote my name in the browser bar and found me. Yeah, I was sure it was me. About the only thing that’s there is all the answers from yahoo answers. Some car parts searches, and whatever.
    I guess you can find anything you want on the internet. That’s what it’s for, right ?
    I think passwords are for people who arn’t ready for the world wide web lol

  2. Great advice, never thought about searching myself before.

  3. To take it one step further you should set up a Google Alert for your full name. This way google will email you every time your names mentioned on a website and send you a link (excluding social media sites).

  4. Those are 2 great ideas. You may just be surprised at what you find when you do a search on your name. The main caution I would suggest is to use your full name and when applying for a job use your full name. The reason why is there are a lot of John Smith’s and you potential future employer may read about the wrong John Smith.

    Even my name, Gary Gile has at least 7 Gary Gile’s on the Internet, last I checked.

    Building your own website is very easy to do, especially when you use WordPress. However, make sure you build them correctly, which is what I am teaching people. Having you name as your domain name is best. If your “John Smith” name is taken, put in your middle name.

  5. Hey you gave some very interesting and useful ideas, well I am also thinking to make my personal resume website. I am sure your post will help me a lot to do the same.
    Coming to your post I have experienced recruiters also search for soft skilled personals.

  6. Let’s hope no one here gets Google “bombed” like a certain politician has, who’s now running for president.

  7. Great tips! It’s so easy to find information about anyone these days so it’s definitely important to know what’s out there about you online.

  8. Excellent idea. Kids put all kinds of crazy things online when they are in school!

  9. Good advice. I’m surprised how few people ever consider this “threat” as they job hunt. How about writing something on “How To Scrub Your Digital Footprint”?

    Ricardo, thanks for the tips on overcoming writer’s block!

  10. Maybe I was just lucky… I started my first website while I was still in college. So I polished my web presence from the very beginning.

    It amazes me how many people will neglect this. Posting less than appropriate images online (Twitter, Facebook, et cetera). You will be researched… Period. So you’d better polish yourself up!

  11. Seems strange to search for yourself but better to check your online profiles before hiring managers do.

  12. Some people have No Idea they leave a trail on the internet. Like this article states get some Good info out there about yourself. You will always look better when the hiring manager Looks you up!!

  13. This is something everyone should do periodically

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