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Before You Apply to that Job, Do This!!

Before You Apply to that Job, Do This!!

If you’ve recently graduated from college and are preparing to search for your first entry-level position, then you likely know the importance of producing a strong cover letter, resume, educational transcript, professional and character references and portfolio pieces. However, you might not be aware of lesser-known but important preparations you should make before even sending out an application. Here are two important job searching tips to help you get started.

Search for yourself
Whenever you’re looking for information on unknown topic, you likely turn to internet search sites like Google or Bing for information. Today’s hiring managers do the same thing when looking for information about potential candidates. Before starting your job hunt, type your name into an internet search engine and see what comes up. If pictures from your last college party are the first thing to pop up, you may want to clean up your online presence.

Make a website
While damaging online information can harm your chances at earning a new job, positive information can be a huge boost for your chances. Many employers like to see a strong and diverse online profile for potential employees. Go above and beyond with a personal website dedicated to your professional experience, background information, educational achievements, work portfolio and other interactive application elements.

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