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What Does My Resume Need to Sell Car Insurance?

What Does My Resume Need to Sell Car Insurance?

Wondering about how to go about becoming a car insurance agent? Curious as to what your job potential is in that position and how much you could make?

Well if you have wanted to be a car insurance agent, here are some frequently asked questions on becoming one.

Definition of a Car Insurance Agent

A car insurance agent underwrites the policies that protect your car in the event of damage, accidents, theft, or vandalism. They can work alone or with an agency, and are paid a salary when on staff. Many agents, however, work on commission against the sell of policies.

What Type of Education Do I Need?

While some agencies only require a basic high school diploma, many want a bachelor’s degree. After you have the education that your state or agency requires, then you will need to get licensed by the state. You may need to take pre-license classes for additional education. Some agents will continue to take classes, either online or offline, to stay on top of the industry with various policy changes.

What Type of Skills Do I Need?

The ability to sell and great customer service are the two skills that every auto insurance agent needs to have. They need to be able to do basic computing, be familiar with spreadsheets and have math skills. You also should have initiative and drive. Skills for a car insurance agent should help you with people interaction, so personal speaking and human resource skills are a particular plus.

What Licensing Do I Need?

You must pass a state licensing test in the state you want to sell. This license covers only selling casual insurance and property policies, and to sell more than that will require additional licensing tests. These tests are taken after you have your bachelor’s degree. There is a special designation, called the chartered property casualty underwriter designation. The CPCU comes after three years of experience and ten additional college courses.

Growth Potential and Salary Expectation

There was a 13 percent growth expectation from the years 2006 to 2016, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. In 2006, the reported salaries ranged from $24,600 to $115,090 for a median salary of $43,870.  In 2011, the reported salaries ranged from $25,910 to $115,300 for a median salary of $47,450.

Your sales initiative and drive is the key to your salary. The more you are able to sell policies to individuals, the higher your salary will climb.

For those who have the desire and drive to sell car insurance, putting the right resume out there is a good starting point.


About the Author: Tina Samuels writes on a variety of career related topics

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