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How twitter got me hired

How twitter got me hired

Twitter is not just for talking about your dog or your lunch. Tens of thousands of businesses are using twitter, quite a few of which are using it to help in their search for new employees – and that means there is some great opportunities to find your perfect job through social media. Traci Koller did just that!

Traci Koller (@heykolls) found her dream job working with the National Breast Cancer Foundation (@NBCF) in Frisco, TX simply through social media connections. Here is a bit of her story:

  1. Which social media tools were you using when you got noticed? Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, but was focusing my networking on Twitter and Tweetups with other marketing professionals. I had moved back to Dallas after spending four years in Manhattan and was searching for a position while I temped. My background is primarily PR-centric (I’ve worked on accounts at Edelman and Fleishman-Hillard NYC).
  2. How did you get connected with the company? I’d tweeted with Cameron Gawley (@cgawley) a few times through Twitter because of Social Media Club of Dallas, and quite a few of my social media contacts are friends with him. We met at a Tweetup and within a few minutes, we were discussing my resume and he mentioned the position with NBCF. I was laid off from my position as an executive assistant (which was clearly a blessing in disguise; I didn’t like my job, I missed being in marketing/PR) that same week.]
  3. How long did it take from the first conversation to your hire date? Two weeks or so. I was laid off on a Friday, had two interviews with NBCF the following week, then the team all went to SXSW for a week. When they were on their way back, my now boss (@brandlessons) called and said I had the job, and I started the following Monday.
  4. What are you doing for the company? Community Coordinator; I handle the social media, online community, website issues that may arise, as well as working with the team on our digital strategy.
  5. Anything else about your story you would like to share? Social media is a GREAT way to network if you really work at it! It’s a conversation, not a tunnel, and you can’t expect people to do your work for you. I’ve met so many contacts, made a ton of friends, started talking to my boyfriend (in a roundabout way; he’s the frat brother of a friend of mine whom I met through social media) and found a job. I’m obviously a fan!

Do you have a great story to share about how social media changed your life in business?

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