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How To Give & Ask For a Raise

How To Give & Ask For a Raise

For many, the most nerve-wracking conversation for both the employer and employee is a discussion about a salary raise. Nationally, employees will receive an average 3 percent wage increase this year. With this in mind, employers must carefully decide who gets a raise and when, while employees must perfect the art of salary negotiation. Consult this guide to become fully versed in the ins and outs of the salary raise.

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  2. Asking, as well as giving raises, is all about respect, communication and taking an honest look at measurable contribution. If you are asking for a raise, be sure to be ready with a clear, concise summary of your contributions during the previous year, including how you may have saved the organization money and how you helped it make money. Do not simple expect a raise, even a cost of living increase, if you can’t define these things. And if you are an employer, even if times are tough, be prepared to recognize and reward, even in a small way, the contributions of your productive employees.

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  4. Well it should be a bit of a two-way process. No point getting hired by someone you can’t get along with

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