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Are Employers and Employees on the Same Page?

Are Employers and Employees on the Same Page?

Most companies have some means by which to track employee attendance so that the business is not getting the short end of the stick.
Whether it is through sign-in and sign-out ledgers, installation of monitoring devices on computers when employees log in and out, or just a visual recognition from the office manager and/or departmental manager, many businesses know when their workers start the day and when they conclude it.

But for others, it all rests for the most part with the honor system.
Many employees are entrusted with honestly showing up for work on time, staying to the end of their respective shifts, and working any necessary overtime. For the most part, it is safe to assume that employees hold up their end of the bargain in this area, but of course there will always be some that try and take advantage of the system.

Employers and Their Obligations

Switch gears for a minute and turn to the employer and their obligations.
What about those employers that attempt to take advantage of their workers by telling them that unpaid work (overtime) is vital to the company’s survivability and/or do not work with employees when it comes to being flexible with hours so they can meet necessary personal needs? Do they simply keep up such actions or sooner or later realize that it does more harm than good?
If you talk to most employers and employees for that matter, I think it is safe to say the majority would say there needs to be a happy medium.
Companies have many needs in order to stay afloat and even gain ground in today’s challenging economy. It is reasonable to think that there will be times when they will ask of and need additional help from their employees.
That being said, what about the needs of employees?
Does your company extend a hand when they need time off for a doctor’s appointment or family emergency? Do you take into effect the fact that some employees will need to supplement their incomes outside of your business and work part-time and/or freelance positions? Do you or have your considered offering some employees with families or long commutes the option of working at home on occasion? If the answer is no to any and/or all these scenarios, you could find yourself with a problem.

Employees and Choices

While it is still an employer’s market given the national unemployment rate of approximately 8.1 percent, many employees do have a choice.
Most employees it is safe to assume are reasonable and are willing to go the extra mile for their employers. And yes, companies can always find another warm body to put in these seats of those that question such practices. With that in mind, do employers want to keep training new workers and become known as a business that has a revolving door of people? I’m thinking the answer is probably no.
In a day and age when both employers and employees need to work as one in order to make a profit for their companies, it would behoove both sides to be willing to partake in a little give and take.
Employers first and foremost need to find employees that are best suited to work for them, both from a performance stand point and from a team perspective.
Employers also need to bend a little in the flexibility department if they want to get the best talent and keep those workers.

Dave Thomas, who writes on subjects such as time and attendance software and free business plan software, writes extensively for San Diego-based

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