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10 Of The Highest Paying Work From Home Jobs

10 Of The Highest Paying Work From Home Jobs

Technology is opening up new opportunities for people who want to work at home. Finding and landing profitable work isn’t easy, but we’ve listed some options. These jobs will give you the flexibility you want and the income you need to keep paying your bills and maintaining a healthy credit score.

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  2. Peabody Chase llc is a good —not great company to work for, the hours are great(flexible) You learn lots to help your career. The money is great!! If they offered a retirement or benefit plan they would be GREAT. Hopefully they read this and consider putting together a retirement plan for their empl

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  4. Some good tips there for those of us wanting to branch out while at home. I like your info graphic too. Nice work.

  5. It looks like all the things you’ve listed here are things that are available as jobs working for other people. If you open it up to freelancing and entrepreneurial ventures, the opportunities are endless.

    I’ve been working almost entirely from home since 1999. I’ve held jobs (or long-term contracts) as:
    - Pre-sales engineer for a software company
    - Post-sales consultant for a software company
    - Social Media Manager
    - Vice-President of Marketing
    - We content producer / community manager

    I’ve also worked for myself as:
    - Book author
    - Public speaker
    - Writer (web & print)
    - Social media strategist
    - Marketing consultant
    - Web entrepreneur (creating & monetizing a whole site)
    - Affiliate marketer
    - Network marketer

    There are SO many things you can do — no excuse for anyone not to be working from home if they want to. Also, there’s no excuse for anyone not making a full-time living working for themselves if they want to.

  6. Some kinds of writers make lots of money, and do so from home – those who write blockbuster ‘airport’ novels and self-help books, for example. And text books, if you can corner the market.

    Also actors when they do voice-overs for commercials – many have studios at home where they work.

  7. Nice Summary and I like the infographic.

  8. Lynda White, The Brenda Doll Team, Keller Williams Realty Louisville East

    Nice infographic.

  9. Very nice! I think we should pay those Graphic Designers a lot more :)

  10. what about virtual assistants and online professors – many schools are now done online

  11. Great visuals! Social Media managers, bloggers, virtual assistants, network marketers, or some combination of the above(!) are all options as well. How about professional networker? You can make money with some organizations doing old fashioned face-to-face business networking.

  12. Thanks for the information – how about E-Learning ‘Community Manager’?

  13. Very nice way to visually present this info! Must share it.

  14. Good stuff!

    One minor suggestion… I think all of these jobs require high degrees of “skill” to be successful–just different kinds of skills.

    I’d suggest they require different levels of “training”, which the infographic reflects well.

  15. Great information and speaks to the growth in home business opportunities!!

  16. Great infographic! I would say any of the post production skills involved in photographs can a provide a very nice living. If your very good at photoshop, and/or similar programs such as any of the Adobe Suite line, you can do very well by the project or by the hour! Next is going to be video editing!

  17. Bob thanks for sharing this list. I can think of a few more that deserve some consideration. Virtual Assistants and many event planners work from home and make a good income. Recently I was surprised to learn that two major software companies had shifted their call center positions to work from home professionals, both sales and tech support.

  18. Good list. The one that brought me up short was “medical claims processor” – that’s a category that will see some growth when ICD-10 gets deployed in the US over the coming year. I’d rather have my eyes put out with hot pokers than deal w/medical claims all day, but I’m sure there are plenty of peeps who’d be delighted to do exactly that. The processing, not the hot-poker-in-the-eye.

  19. For a certain period of my life I worked as a professional trasnlator from Italian into English in the ICT and Pharma sectors. I lived in Italy and worked remotely for several localization agencies mainly in the US and Ireland. Even though it was tough, with strict deadlines, and a bit alienating, it was a wonderful and multifaceted job and I sometimes regret having quitted it for my present job.

  20. Interesting stuff Bob. I’m a little surprised that consulting wasn’t included in the top 10.

  21. Blogging! There are a lot of bloggers who work from home full-time including me.

    Many bloggers are making a lot of money from their blog.

    It is easier said than done though :)

  22. As a REALTOR I feel like Real Estate Professional could be added to this list as we are mobile and a good portion of our work is completed at home! ps. love the infographic!

  23. This is a great list! I work from the home with Alliance for Success (Kate Holgate) providing speaker and author support services.

  24. Great opportunnities here, but you must have a great deal of self discipline to make it work

  25. I am glad to see I am in the top-3 :)

    But what about a investment professional? A stock invester? Or possibly this profession was in the top-3 a few years ago, now it does not generate so much income I guess :)

  26. Attorney? Some do actually. It is amazing the number of things that you can do from home now. Technology. That great equalizer.

  27. Internet radio broadcaster is a great hobby and if marketed correctly along with a great show format you can make it a career.

  28. Great info, thanks!
    However all these have one problem in common… J.O.B… ;-)

  29. I guess blogger doesn’t fit as it’s pretty poorly paid! Most of us do it for pleasure!

  30. I write my novels from home though writing can be a though sell until you have established enough of a following to pay the bills.

  31. network marketing professional. There is no ceiling a nd you get to work with great people .

  32. Positive plus property investments

    Great info Thanks

  33. I know a photographer who works from home. Thanks for the info.

  34. Online Community Manager? $60k and upwards? For a large online brand community with proven ROI – up to $120k

  35. I work from home in my XanGo MLM Business Amazed there is no Mlm on this list I easy make twice as much as the web dude for many years and think it’s the best home business opportunity.

    Thanksnfor sharing anyway

  36. Lots of tax return preparation is done at home.

  37. I manage motivational speakers. With the right skill sets (admin, attention to detail and good communication/sales), the right speakers and the right commission rate, it’s not impossible to make upwards of 6 figures. Plus you get to improve peoples’ lives and change the world for the better. Not bad for a day’s work! There are hundreds if not thousands of speakers who are looking for commission based agents. Don’t hesitate to message me if you want more information.

  38. Thanks for the article – lots of possibilities

  39. Social Media Managers and network marketers should be on this list as well.

  40. There is also one more I guess , professional bloggers!! Professional bloggers do earn very good money out of advertising and affiliate marketing.

  41. Database administrator. Most DBAs don’t need to work in the office, many of our tasks are done remotely anyway.

  42. Thanks for sharing great info.

    These are potential clients for me :))

  43. as a top rated ebay Power Seller I am surprised that online sales from home is not on your list.

  44. How about ( a combination of) Web Designer, Webmaster, Affiliate Marketer or Social Media Guru?

  45. Ramesh Shankerlal

    Great Information….do these really work for anyone…i keep getting mails in this regards from various organisations and people…i have not tried, but most of the people whom i met have said negative…please highlight

    • Software development definitely works. I have a friend that has been doing this, first for handheld devices, and now for the webserver side. He’s done it for over 20 years from his home in the mountains.

      He work has nothing to do with work-from-home ads or emails. He just went into business for himself and found his own clients.

  46. I work at home and this is great info thanks! Ric

    • Hey look, the first one is what I do.

    • Peabody Chase llc is a good —not great company to work for, the hours are great(flexible) You learn lots to help your career. THe money is the best of most wah jobs. If they offered a retirement or benefit plan they would be GREAT. Hopefully they read this and consider putting together a retirement plan for their employees

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