Saturday , June 3 2023
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Resume & Cover Letter Tips

Five More Resume Blunders That Will Land You in The Trash

At ResumeBear we take pride in the quality of our sources and rely on their experience and expert guidance to help job seekers get ahead. Our goal is to help keep America working to their fullest potential. We all know the consequences of presenting a poorly cra­­­fted resume, especially loosing the ability to create the vital positive first impression to help you stand out from your competition.

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Optimize Your Resume Don't Forget the Cover Letter

It helps you stand out; assisting by distinguishing you individually from the endless list of names applying for the same job. The job market is overpopulated, and it is more crucial than ever to find a way to be set apart from the crowd. Many hopeful job applicants don’t realize how dramatically they lessen their chances for being noticed by the hiring managers sorting through piles of resumes, just for failing to include a good cover letter. A well written cover letter answers the question “Why should WE pick YOU?”

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20 Tips for Job Seekers from Companies that are Hiring Now

Everyday you hear about more and more layoffs and cutbacks at companies around the world. However, there are many companies that are actively hiring new employees. It is more important now than ever before, to be organized and prepared, if you are searching or applying for a job since competition for all available jobs is at an all time high. Below you will find some useful job search and interview tips from actual companies that currently have 100 or more positions available for immediate hire.

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