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MBA Students, Employers Find Innovative Ways to Stand Out in a Tight Job Market

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The majority (95 percent) of students surveyed from top graduate business schools in the country feel the need to distinguish themselves from their peers and are finding new and creative ways to do so in light of a challenging economy, according to a new poll conducted by Deloitte.  Students polled participated in the sixth annual National MBA Human Capital Case ... Read More »

Management Material Do You Have What it Takes

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Are You Management Material The corner office isn’t where most of us sit (if we get to sit at all on the job). For the average worker, senior leadership positions are difficult to come by and something you spend much of your career working toward. That is, if you even want a leadership role; not everyone strives for the responsibility ... Read More »

Starting Salaries for New Grads, The Job Horizon Info Graphic


•    Employers plan to hire 9.5% more new graduates in 2011-2012 than they hired in 2010-2011. •    73.4% of employers screen candidates by GPA and 65% of employers report a GPA cutoff of 3.0. •    46.4% of employers rate the current job market as good. Read More »

“Internships are a Great Way to gain Experience”


Anyone who has ever been to college, spoken to a career counselor, or searched “how to get a job” on Google will have surely heard about the importance of internships. “You should get one,” the experts say. “Internships are a great way to gain experience.” Yeah, we know. We’ve heard this story a thousand times. But the same could be ... Read More »

Many Colleges and Universities have jumped on Pinterest


Just about everyone and their mother (especially mothers) is on Pinterest these days, and we can’t blame them: it is a really cool resource for finding the very best ideas, inspiration, and all around neat stuff. So we are not at all surprised to find out that colleges and college students are joining in on the fun, too. Many colleges ... Read More »

ResumeBear: Politics and What College Graduates Should Care About


2008 proved a landmark election year for the 18-to-29-year-old demographic, with 51% of qualified Americans within this age range showing up at the polls. Sixty-two percent of those with at least some college experience voiced their opinions on economic, social, and political issues, and four years later, it’s looking like they may very well show up in the same (relative) ... Read More »

ResumeBear: Kickstarter Funding Projects for College Students


College is a great time to explore your creativity, and Kickstarter is a great place to find the funds to make your creative dreams a reality. So it’s no wonder that college students, groups, and even faculty members have flocked to the site to get their projects off the ground. Whether they’re short films, art installations, or even school newspapers, ... Read More »

50 Great Marketing Twitter Feeds


Marketing is everywhere. For consumers, this is probably not ideal, but for students of marketing it means that there is no shortage of examples, both good and bad, from which to learn about the craft. The easiest way to keep your finger on the pulse of marketing is to log in to Twitter. Almost every Twitter user is selling something, ... Read More »

ResumeBear Picks The 20 Most Legendary College Bars


Just about every school has one: a long-standing college bar steeped in history and, most often, cheap beer. It is in these bars that traditions are made, legendary stories are created and shared, and good times are remembered. We’ve found 20 of the most legendary of these bars, listed in no particular order, and we’ll share their stories here. Of ... Read More »

Office Etiquette Tips for Young Workers


Young workers are known for their energy, enthusiasm, and willingness to learn, but many times their lack of experience and professionalism comes back to bite them when they want a raise, promotion, or just to be taken seriously. If you’re a young worker and you want to stand out from the other baby-faced rookies in the office, check out these ... Read More »