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New University Programs Prepare Students for Career Paths in Homeland Security

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The U.S. Department of Homeland Security employs more than 240,000 people whose job it is to protect Americans from a wide range of threats—from natural disasters and terrorist attacks to cyber attacks and other emergencies. Read More »

Management Material Do You Have What it Takes

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Are You Management Material The corner office isn’t where most of us sit (if we get to sit at all on the job). For the average worker, senior leadership positions are difficult to come by and something you spend much of your career working toward. That is, if you even want a leadership role; not everyone strives for the responsibility ... Read More »

ResumeBear: Getting Hired in Silicon Valley

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“We’re definitely in hiring mode,” says Motif Investing co-founder and CEO Hardeep Walia. “If you know any talent, send it our way.” The company, which aims to make it easy to invest in trends and big ideas, is looking to fill a wide variety of positions ranging from accountants and engineers to marketers and research analysts. More specifically, Motif Investing ... Read More »

Looking for a New Career, Here’s a Start.


Money. It’s a topic that’s inspired countless songs about its correlation to happiness and health, from the Beatles classic “Can’t Buy Me Love” to the ’90s hit “Mo Money, Mo Problems” by Notorious B.I.G. While the universal message of these songs is that making tons of money won’t solve all of your problems, most people would be content with earning ... Read More »

14 Secure Jobs with a High Percentage of Workers age 55-plus


Different types of jobs attract different types of people. For instance, introverts might prefer behind-the-scenes positions, while extroverts might be more attracted to client service or communications-related jobs. Demographics can also affect career choices — age, sex, location and other factors may play a role in influencing the types of jobs people pursue. In his book “150 Best Jobs for ... Read More »

Resumebear: Let’s Help Our Veterans Get Jobs


As you know, the U.S. is planning on withdrawing from Afghanistan and shrinking the amount of troops overseas, which means that thousands of young veterans will be returning to the civilian workforce in the coming years. Unfortunately, the unemployment rate for post-9/11 era veterans is more than 12 percent, 3 percent higher than the rate for the general population. The ... Read More »

ResumeBear: Some Help For Struggling Job Seekers

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If you’re looking to get to work right now, Tom Busby has five tips to give your job hunt a boost. Busby is the founder and CEO of DTI, the Diversified Trading Institute. He’s bringing his wealth of knowledge to The Traders Expo Dallas, where he will be speaking on the topic of trading exotics (grains, bonds, gold and silver, ... Read More »

“Internships are a Great Way to gain Experience”


Anyone who has ever been to college, spoken to a career counselor, or searched “how to get a job” on Google will have surely heard about the importance of internships. “You should get one,” the experts say. “Internships are a great way to gain experience.” Yeah, we know. We’ve heard this story a thousand times. But the same could be ... Read More »

ResumeBear: Politics and What College Graduates Should Care About


2008 proved a landmark election year for the 18-to-29-year-old demographic, with 51% of qualified Americans within this age range showing up at the polls. Sixty-two percent of those with at least some college experience voiced their opinions on economic, social, and political issues, and four years later, it’s looking like they may very well show up in the same (relative) ... Read More »

ResumeBear Tips: Your New Boss Says Do This and Don’t Do This!

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Like death, work comes for us all. If you plan to go into business for yourself after getting your college degree, we applaud your pioneering spirit. For the rest of you, somewhere out there is a boss with your name on their payroll. Each one of these bosses will have his own particular things he asks of you that you’ll ... Read More »