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Resumebear Writing Tips for a School Administrator Position

Resumebear Writing Tips for a School Administrator Position

School administrator jobs have always been competitive, but in this era of budget cuts and consolidation, many school districts have more applicants for open positions than they can handle.

Recruiters and hiring officials might be choosing from among hundreds of candidates. If you’re seeking a school administrator job, a strong resume that describes your strengths and experiences can be the key to getting your foot in the door and securing an exciting new career.

Here are four tips to keep in mind when writing a resume for a school administrator position:

  1. 1.      Highlight your experience in developing and coaching others.

An administrator is called upon to develop the skills and abilities of students and teachers, to act as a coach and cheerleader for staff and faculty, and to demonstrate the qualities of a leader at all times.

Include specific circumstances in your career when you used your coaching skills to help improve student achievement, or when your leadership made a difference for a colleague facing a particular challenge. Include the results that occurred because you were equipped to handle these situations by utilizing your experience, knowledge and skills.

  1. 2.      Emphasize your management skills.

In addition to a teaching background, many school districts require administrators to have advanced qualifications, such as a master’s degree in educational administration. From creating budgets to hiring and firing and strategic planning and project management, school administrators are required to use a broad base of management skills and knowledge. They are also called on to integrate classroom technology, make data-driven decisions, and implement federal and state standards for curriculum and achievement.

When writing your resume, offer examples of your management experience. More importantly, describe how it made a difference in the school’s operation. For example, did your suggestion for changing a vendor result in cost savings? Did you spearhead a successful project to implement a new state regulation? Have you achieved a goal of improving relationships between parents and teachers? Think about the differences that your management skills have made and include each example.

  1. 3.      Include your practicum experience.

Do you have specialized training or knowledge from one or more practicums? Most graduate students are required to participate in these supervised, professional-level fieldwork experiences, which offer deep insights into specific issues and problems related to their field of study.

Be sure to highlight the number of hours you spent, the knowledge, skills and experience you gained, and how you would use this knowledge in the position for which you are applying. Keep the following in mind:

  • Did you gain a new understanding of theoretical knowledge?
  • Did you observe new solutions to common challenges?
  • Did you participate in new activities or make new contacts?
  • Did you develop self-awareness, other personal attributes or skills that will serve you in the position for which you are applying?
  1. 4.      Use a checklist.

A checklist, such as the one provided by The University of Pennsylvania, can help ensure that you include all the relevant information needed on your resume – and delete anything irrelevant, such as personal information (i.e. marital status and ethnicity). It can also assist you in formatting your resume correctly, with proper margins, fonts and type sizes.

Of course, it’s essential to carefully review your completed resume. Once you proofread it, ask someone to review it and offer feedback. Check the resume again for grammar and spelling errors, and then when you think it’s perfect, have someone look it over one last time.

The Right Resume Can Make the Difference

Today’s school administrators face a different world than their predecessors of previous generations. Principals must be on the cutting edge of best practices, technology and trends. The autocrat is a thing of the past; instead, principals must be ready to collaborate with staff, teachers, students and families to facilitate the best possible education for kids.

Keeping this in mind when writing your resume, and using these four resume tips, can go a long way toward landing an interview for the administrator position you want.

This guest post was provided by Paul Warren. Paul works with University Alliance on behalf of Dominican University Online. Dominican University Online offers a Master of Education in Elementary Education.

This guest post was provided by Paul Warren. Paul is an education professional and a writer for The University of Scranton Online. The University of Scranton offers online Master of Education programs.

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