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ResumeBear: On Google+ Circle these Career Experts

ResumeBear: On Google+ Circle these Career Experts

By Ritika Trikha, CareerBliss Writer


Think Google+ is lame? Think again. If your Google+ seems to lack that same oomph you get from logging onto Twitter or Facebook, you are likely not following the right people! As a job seeker, if you follow active, informative users your feed will bound to be full of juicy career advice.

We know what you’re thinking: Who uses Google+ anyway? It’s true that Google+ hasn’t quite reached the reigns as fast as Pinterest — but it’s not a total dud! In fact, there are a growing number of career and industry experts sharing fascinating, useful posts at this very moment.

Well, what are you waiting for? Login to your Google+ to create a circle labeled “job search experts.” Circle CareerBliss along with these fine career experts:

1. Lindsay Olson—Founder and a recruiter with Paradigm Staffing, Olson also co-founded Hoojobs to help job seekers like you figure out what to do with your careers!

2. Hannah Morgan—She also goes by the alias Career Sherpa, and she specializes in job search strategies and reputation management. We love her because she not only shares top advice in the industry but also is highly interactive (she actually comments on posts).

3. Miriam Salpeter—The owner and founder of Keppie Careers, you’ll find her highly engaged in your stream, sharing both her own advice articles and others’ in the industry as well.

4. Julie Walraven –She’s a professional resume writer at Design Resumes, so you should definitely browse her Google+ stream while working on your resume.

5. Bob Warren—He’s the founder of Resume Bear and posts all kinds of awesome career-help articles multiple times a day.

6. Alison Doyle—You might recognize her from the articles that you stumble upon.  She writes about the latest trends in the career-sphere and almost always shares commentary along with every article shared.

7. Guy Kawasaki—You should follow Kawasaki because he is a mega social media guru and rounds up the most interesting posts not only about social media but also innovation and entrepreneurship.  Also, you’ll never have to worry about a dead stream. Kawasaki posts 5-10 times per day!

8. Noel Rozny—She works at myFootpath, a career site that helps you decide your career based on your passions and education. Every few days, she posts insights that have to do with effective job searching.


Ritika Trikha is passionate about scoping out top-notch job advice in the career-sphere to help you find a job you love. Ritika has 99 problems but an unhappy career isn’t one! She’s a writer and an optimist (and Jay Z’s No. 1 fan). When Ritika’s not writing stellar advice articles, she’s obsessing over social media. Connect with her via CareerBliss Tumblr, Pinterest and Google+! Contact Ritika at

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  3. Excellent advice and reference list. Can never have too much information or contacts. Thanks-

  4. David is right. You get out of the social media tools exactly what you are willing to put in. Same with most jobs or careers.

  5. Alberto Marques

    Great stuff!

  6. You will get out of Google+ or any social media tool what you put into it. Follow the right people, post articles that are relevant to people in your circle and you are likely to get results.

  7. Well let’s see what turns out from it…Thanks!

  8. Great info. Resume Bear and Bob Warren should be at the top of this list

  9. Thanks for the list. Every bit of knowledge can help with the job hunt. ResumeBear has a lot of really good posts on the subject.

  10. I liked Google+ format before they made the change – true it scrolled too fast – but at least you could scroll down and see more than the most recent posts… I don’t like the new format at all – maybe I’m doing something wrong…

  11. Right Bob,

    Follow me and you brush up your German language skills :-)

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