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ResumeBear: Interview Secrets We Should All Know

ResumeBear: Interview Secrets We Should All Know

You’ve managed to climb the first mountain; you have been asked to attend an interview. Your résumé must have presented your credentials sufficiently for them to want to know more about you. They may already have taken up references if you offered any at that stage. Now you have the most difficult stage. You might have just one opportunity to present yourself the best way you can to secure the position available – even if you later decide you do not want to work there and turn down any offer they make.

Your preparation at this stage is vitally important.

Research the company

You need to know a lot about the organization before you decide which outfit to wear for your interview. Understanding the business will help your self-assurance before and during the interview.

If you go to the interview feeling as though you can answer the inevitable question – what do you know about us? – you will be able to deliver a perfect answer which will show the organization you are interested enough to research them thoroughly. It will allow you to impress by asking questions about them based on the facts you have researched.

You will need to know:

•    Who are their customers?
•    What do they do?
•    What do they make, sell or offer?
•    Are they local/national/global?
•    What work would you be expected to carry out?
•    You know your skills – how do they match the organization?

Planning your interview

Preparation is key to any interview. The more prepared you are, the better you will be able to answer their questions and present yourself and your skills to best match their needs.

If you need to let them know about your visit in advance – perhaps you have a disability or other special needs – they will be able to accommodate your request making your arrival go smoothly, rather than increasing the stress count.

Find out who is going to interview you. One person; or a panel? Think about how you will react and control the different types of possible interview.

If HR is meeting with you, they will be looking at a more organizational fit with you, but if your new immediate boss is meeting with you, they will be looking to see how you fit in with their working methods and practices and how you would fit into any team environment.

Knowing the length of the interview will tell you how detailed it will be. If a test is involved, you must know in advance.

On the day

Prepare your journey so that you arrive with plenty of time to spare. You don’t want to be running into the building, in a sweat, ten minutes or more, late.

You need to consider:
•    Public transport availability
•    Your vehicle and the roads you intend to travel on
•    Wearing the right clothes the organization expects of you
•    Copies of your application and résumé so you can check details if questioned
•    Notes of questions you wish to ask
•    Licenses, references and certificates
•    A copy of the organization’s advert
•    A copy of their audited accounts – if you feel brave enough to show it

Consider all of the questions they might ask you and practice perfect answers so they are clear in your mind. This will help you appear confident and relaxed.

You will be nervous. Practice normal breathing just before you enter the interview room.

Tim Brookes is the Managing Director of Storage Concepts a UK-based mezzanine floor & suspended ceiling company

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  1. Don’t forget about your first impression. If you fail at this critical point in time, your recovery will be next to impossible!

  2. All good points, One thing I would add is roll playing with someone you trust before the interview. It will help you calm down let you feel better prepared.

  3. hmmm….good point of view there…

  4. Good points, however also remember the interview process is a two way street. You are interviewing the company as much as they are interviewing you. If you aren’t impressed by them and their preparation, that’s a sign as to how things function at that company. Poor communication between HR and the hiring manager can show during an interview and the kind of questions asked can tell you weather or not, the interviewer has even too the time to read your resume. Most articles only focus on the company. Don’t forget to focus on yourself too. Remember you are just as important as they are, if not more.

  5. great points sending to my nephew who is looking for job these days, thank you

  6. Excellent, practical article. While ultimately it is your background, ability and rapport with the interviewer that will help you land the job, the very act of being well-prepared will speak volumes to the hiring manager and will reflect greatly on your future attitude as an employee. And doing your due diligence and background research on the organization will not only impress the employer… it will also tell you if this is a place that you really want to work.

  7. Having been on both sides of the table in the interview process, the suggestions the author gave are spot on.

    The first suggestion is, to me the most important. You will need to do thorough research in order to accomplish the rest.

    Of course his last advice is crucial as well. Remember to breathe.

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