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Job Seekers: Who to Add to Your Google+ Circles

Job Seekers: Who to Add to Your Google+ Circles

Heather R. HuhmanHeather R. Huhman

By now, you probably have a Google+ account. And if you don’t, you have at least heard about it. The problem is figuring out what to do once you have set up your account. In particular, it’s hard to find master lists of people to add to your circles.

Google+ is great for posting links for news articles or blogs, which can be helpful for job seekers like you! And there are plenty of career experts already taking full advantage of the platform. To get you started, here is a list of people you should definitely add to your Google+ circles:

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1. Jason Lee Overbey, candidate sourcer and profiler. He shares daily information about job seeking, social media, and recruiting.

2. Todd Kmiec, owner of Todd Kmiec & Associates, a recruiting firm. He posts links to relevant stories, and adds his input.

3. Kevin W. Grossman, chief market evangelist at Fisher Vista, LLC and He shares articles concerning HR concerns, and also gives his opinion on different topics.

4. Emily Bennington, college-to-career expert, career author and speaker. She is the founder of Professional Studio 365. She talks about what to do in order to have a successful career, and posts other articles as well.

5. Alison Doyle, job search and employment expert for Alison adds links covering a variety of topics such as: human resources, career development, and job searching.

6. Jessica Miller-Merrell, CEO for Xceptional HR, author, and HR & recruiting consultant. She shares many different stories regarding human resources, recruiting, and careers. She also has a business page for Blogging4Jobs, which is regularly updated with relevant links.

7. Mark Anthony Dyson, founder and chief evangelist of competitive resumes. He includes many links regarding job seeking, and updates his Google+ stream daily.

8. Hannah Morgan, job search strategies and reputation management expert with She frequently posts links to her Google+ about job searching, recruiting, and personal branding.

9. Daisy Wright, career results coach, speaker, and author. Daisy shares information about careers, job seeking, and many other things.

10. Jenny Weigle, social media manager at CareerBuilder. Jenny stays up to date with her Google+ account, and is posting links applicable to job seekers.

Bonus: Fellow On Careers bloggers Lindsay Olson and Miriam Salpeter are also on Google+.

While this is a short list of people to add to your Google+ circles, following them will help you to find other people. Always be sure to check who is in someone’s circles, or who has them in theirs. You can find many other insightful thought leaders this way.

Do you use Google+ to help your job search? Who are some people you have in your circles?

Heather R. Huhman is a career expert, experienced hiring manager, and founder & president of Come Recommended, a content marketing consultancy for organizations with products that target job seekers and employers. She is also the author of Lies, Damned Lies & Internships (2011) and #ENTRYLEVELtweet: Taking Your Career from Classroom to Cubicle.

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  1. Just added all of these suggestions to a circle. Thank you for sharing this!

  2. I’ve been developing my personal G+ profile and also my companies, and I definitely see the potential here to discuss very specific topics with more depths than twitter. Glad to now be connected with more people in the career field. Thanks!

  3. I got what you plan, thanks for putting up. Woh I am glad to hear this website through google. Thanks For Share Job Seekers: Who to Add to Your Google+ Circles | Resumebear Online Resume.

  4. Today’s job seeker can use all of the resources they can find…this is a good list of information.

  5. Cool list! As a recruiter on g+ (and early on twitter, too) I’ve enjoyed the hyper-connectivity available on Google plus! Let me know if you share this circle as has been recommended… And, what’s your g+ link (circle me!)?

    You can get to my profile by clicking my name. If you circle me, tell me what you’re interested in… I don’t blindly follow everyone, but I will connect with any earnest job-seeker!

  6. I’m glad I found this information.

  7. Bewitched in Salem

    I have just started to explore Google+ and appreciate this information.

  8. Nice resource.

  9. Philip Walterhouse

    I love google+. Its a great step up from twitter. Thanks for sharing about it :)

  10. @Nakeva Corothers

    Thanks for the Google+ circle tips!

  11. Excellent Post! Always appreciative of recommendations when it comes to growing a strong business network. Thank you!

  12. Nice list for those just starting out on Google +. Thanks for sharing Heather.

  13. Some really useful names and tips for those seeking jobs (and research shows that 80% of white collar workers are actively searching at any given time) and those working in HR and recruitment.

  14. Great suggestions Heather, I shared it with my friends looking for a job :)

  15. I’ve been in Google+for a while and I’m in about 3000 peoples circles and have net some interesting and valuable people that post great information. You need to take the time to categorise your following lists or you will (like twitter) lose the good information amongst the ‘noise’


  16. I signed up to Google+ but am barely using it at the moment. New Year’s resolution!

  17. Great advice for job-seekers who want to use every available tool!

  18. This is a good article and one that will be very instrumental in helping all of us as well learn how to best use Google plus. Thank you for expertise.

  19. Here we are, still at the very start of something the use of which remains unclear. We who are here now as users, along with the teams that develop the tools, can define what the tools will become and how they are effectively used.

    Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and up and coming Google+ are all still fresh and mostly undefined.

    All the explorations are valuable.

  20. Great article! I haven’t really gotten to know Google+ just yet, but I’m still waiting learn more about it :)

  21. always connecting. Thanks for sharing.

  22. Google+ is to me what Facebook started out as. I only use it for people from school. I also barely even look at it. So we’ll see what they do in the future.

  23. My Google + Presence seems to grow daily, mainly because people are connecting with me. I still tend to use FB for most things and Twitter as well. I imagine I’ll soon get round to doing Google+ properly – no choice!

  24. Google+ is fascinating. It is good that there is some real competition for facebook. In the end, both will be forced to innovate and listen more to their consumers!

  25. It’s cool that it’s working out. I have a google + account but it’s not that user friendly yet. I guess I’m just a facebook addict, but I will examine it more if you feel it’s worth it.

  26. Good solid advice, although I’m not really convinced about Google+ I guess the same people are not without Twitter influence …

  27. Not fully on board with G+ yet, but it’s growing on me.

  28. Hi Heather. Please click on a circle of these people and select “Share this circle” on a Google+ profile or business page. Then post the URL of the circle here. Thanks.

  29. Google+ is a fascinating concept. It has a style that is more likely to appeal to a professional audience than FaceBook. I recently began forming my “circles”. It remains to be seen if it will take off in the way that FaceBook and LinkedIn has. But remember… this is Google, which has nearly unlimited resources and a very creative staff. If you are in a job hunting or career expanding situation, I highly recommend it.

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