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7 Signs Your Rockstar Employee Is Looking For A New Job

7 Signs Your Rockstar Employee Is Looking For A New Job

You’ve spent time and money to hire the right employees for your business, so keeping them satisfied and engaged is priority numero uno. We created this infographic with Mindflash to look at how losing and replacing even one employee can cost you and your business significant money and time. So let these signs motivate you to talk with your employees and figure out how to keep them satisfied and engaged.

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  1. Nice graphic! I agree that these are all tell-tale signs of a pending exit but then again, seasoned professionals may not exhibit any signs at all and instead quietly remove themselves from the equation, because as someone once said to me “rockstars simply don’t work for idiots”.
    Sabine Brandt recently posted..Are you resisting your calling?

  2. Gary, great point. Getting rid of a lousy manager is seldom viewed as the correct solution, but often is the answer to a lot of problems.

  3. Loosing a valuable employee can be very tough. There are 2 reasons, maybe 3, that I can think of as to why a person would want to leave.

    1. A lousy manager.
    2. Wanting more money.
    3. Work is not satisfying.

    Of the 3, the first may be the hardest yet wisest one to correct.
    Gary Gile recently posted..What do you say on Christmas?

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